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Coral Sportsbook confiscates five player balances


In the most detailed complaint, a Coral player registered on August 17th, 2012, depositing $500. He busted out on his first wager and redeposited $500, winning an all-in wager this time. Without explanation, Coral disabled the player’s account. He has tried without success to reach Coral customer service.

A second Coral player reports that after winning £1,600, Coral disabled his account. After locking the player’s account, Coral provided no information to the player on what he had done wrong, if he would be paid his balance, or if he would receive his deposit back.

A third Coral player had his account seized without word from Coral after signing up three weeks ago.

A fourth Coral player deposited just £30, made nominal winnings, before Coral suspended the account without citing a specific violation or breach of terms and conditions.

A fifth Coral player signed up three weeks ago, made a series of winnings bets and had his account suspended by Coral without explanation. is refusing comment to SportsbookReview, and has been downgraded. While SBR notes the sportsbook may have reason to make the suspensions, refusing to update the players on where they stand after depositing funds and forcing a lengthy process whereby the players must complain to Coral’s licensing body is grounds for a downgrade. Coral may face further downgrades pending the outcome of these complaints or if similar disputes are received.