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Cold Case: player burned after winning futures wager

SBR reported earlier this year that (SBR rating D-) confiscated $2,000 in winnings from a player that profited by wagering an NHL Futures wager during the 2013-14 NHL Playoffs.

The bet, a wager on Justin Williams winning the Conn Smythe trophy (the NHL equivalent of the Playoffs' MVP), was not an erroneous line. The player shared on the Sportsbook Review posting forum that he accepted worse odds than what the market offered; more favorable odds were available at Betsson at the time according to line history.

The player was accused of being a "professional bettor" and told that he had violated terms and conditions. The only search provision referencing professional players on the website reads as follows:

"Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional. reserves the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action." confiscating winnings on the grounds that a player is considered professional is the same scam that Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has pulled for years.

The sportsbook openly refused comment to SBR on the player's complaint. is part of the BTG Global NV family of online sportsbooks. BTG Global is most known for their Dimeline Sports skin and previously operated as the Safari Casino Group. Other betting sites under the BTG umbrella include Wagerup, DailyDime, and SafariCasino. has their own set of account managers but uses processing options provided by host BTG Global.

SBR has asked BTG Global to review the player's complaint and will update the newswire feed if there are any developments.

Sportsbook Review initiated with a preliminary rating of C in November 2011. The addition to the SBR ratings guide came after a report that confirmed the new sportsbook was a member of then Safari Casino Group. The report detailed that was targeting former VIPSports (off-line) players. players in need of sportsbook assistance can write to