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Cloudbet Player Has Two In-Play Bets Voided

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A Cloudbet Sportsbook player has shared a negative experience he recently had with the bitcoin exclusive betting site.

He recently placed two live in-play bets, had them confirmed and added to his history, and then removed from his history within three minutes.

Both of the wagers were winners. Support claimed the bets were not actually placed and told the player the following: "This happens on some rare occasions when the request cannot be confirmed in our system. This is usually due to an untimely update in odds, price, etcWe're constantly working to decrease the instances when this sort of cancellation occurs. My apologies for the inconvenience."

As an SBR moderator posted in response to the player's issue, Cloudbet players have made similar complaints about the efficiency of the live betting platform in the past. In general, live betting is only pulled off well by a handful of top online sportsbooks because complaints centering around feed discrepancies and timezone issues can be quite common if a player has a quicker signal to a game than a book and vice versa. It works out in favor of players some of the time at such betting sites.

The player was asked to file a formal complaint so more information can be collected regarding this matter but it is unlikely that Cloudbet will reverse their stance and change his two voided live wagers to wins.