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Cloudbet bitcoin deposit complaint


Update: Cloudbet helped the player identify that the bitcoin wallet he used did not belong to their online sportsbook, and in fact belonged to another bitcoin site entirely. The player acknowledged the error. The complaint has been closed.

A Cloudbet Sportsbook player has claimed that a bitcoin deposit for .55 (approximately $200) made on November 26 has yet to be credited to his account.

The player filed a complaint with SBR against Cloudbet and noted that he has emailed the sportsbook several times seeking an update.

Cloudbet provided a generic response initially, but nothing since.

SBR has followed up with Cloudbet on this deposit complaint.

Sportsbook Review reported of a Cloudbet payout complaint on November 21 from a player who took issue with the advertising of "instant payouts". SBR spoke with Cloudbet and the player was paid a day later, though no update was given to the player or SBR on what caused the delay in the first place.

On November 4, SBR reported that a Cloudbet player complained of an ungraded winning boxing wager. Cloudbet later graded the wager.

Due to the handful of consistent complaints on Cloudbet's customer service, stretching across book management and accounting on the way in and out, Cloudbet has had their sportsbook rating lowered from C+ to C.

Cloudbet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.