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Canbet Sportsbook Players spread word via Twitter


A stream of tweets have rolled in from Canbet Sportsbook players who are in search of answers.

The Twitter handle Canbet Vigilante has 434 followers – according to the tweets, many of them players who were stiffed their closing balances by the disgraced online sportsbook.

While SBR has released ten updates and advisories since the sportsbook officially pulled the plug, the discussions of an acquisition from a potential white knight sportsbook fell through, and at the moment the situation is bleak on Canbet players being paid.

The following Tweet was directed at SBR last week, and reads similar to many of the e-mails that have been submitted by frustrated former clients of the fallen sportsbook.

E-mail from Canbet players:

"Is there any update for Canbet players? Will those behind the sportsbook be held responsible?"

"I am owed £821 by Canbet and I am documenting this in the event that an acquisition materialises. I have had much correspondence with Canbet but I realise that my story will not be unlike many others. Please let me know where else (if anywhere) to document this and please keep me informed of any developments."

At the time that Canbet Sportsbook was on the market SBR spent hours discussing what went wrong with co-director Peter Lord. Software malfunctions were cited as the primary cause of the disastrous mismanagement of player funds: Players allegedly withdrew unearned bonuses as a result of third party IT errors, and the sportsbook fell deeply in the red whilst its books showed a profit.

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom reported last year that at least $1.2 million has been reported as owed, with the true outstanding balance conservatively estimated at a couple times this sum considering how long the online sportsbook was in business and the level of exposure accumulated over the years.