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Canbet Sportsbook players owed over $1 million

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Canbet Sportsbook players owed over $1 million

Canbet Sportsbook players have reported being owed over $1 million. Unfortunately for these players, Canbet has appeared to be down for the count as potential bailout discussions have failed in producing an interested buyer. Canbet executives seemed to be more active doing damage control and keeping their names out of forums and online news websites than with answering the real questions. Canbet players believed their funds were safe, as the sportsbook which operated since the 90’s assured them they were, as did the UK Gambling Commission. SBR will keep readers updated but unfortunately there has been no news with which to report.

Dimeline Sportsbook update

A Dimeline Sports player who was being slow-paid $2,400 for nearly two years has reported receiving his funds. The player was reluctant to make the admission publicly after rightly embarking on a blast Dimeline campaign. The player’s reason for not acknowledging finally getting his funds is that he was forced to use the poker network Dimeline subscribes to by dumping his funds to another player. Dimeline complained to SBR regarding the latest report of the outstanding funds owed in light of this, but did not address owing the player for such a continued period of time. Dimeline players with feedback are asked to write to SBR. Other online sportsbooks within the Dimeline family include Wagerup,, and BTG Global.