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Broke no-pay sportsbook BetCascade still scamming players



“I had been playing with Cascade since last Oct.09 ,without any problems at all .Well,would it have anything to do with not cashing in a winning ticket ?I went broke with that offshore at least 4,or 5 times ,sending money through moneygram ,I believe ,each time … packages of 300 to 800  .
The last I sent them was Feb.29th,09,1000.00(without double checking),Lennie ,I believe “gave me” a 30 % rollover bonus.So at that time, I have 1300 or so in my kitty .
From that point on, my luck, or skill changed to the better, finally. At some time in late March my figure was close to + 7000.
After College Basketball season, I informed Nancy Robinson (officer of deposits and withdrawals),I would like to withdraw my balance ,setting at 4300 +,and that I would not be playing any Sports until the 09 Football season .
Well that was around April 8th, and after a several calls to Lennie and Nancy ,I could see that nothing was being sent to me, even through May ,and up until June this year. So once again I made call after call to Lennie and Nancy,wanting an explanation !The two both claimed they were having serious trouble with their prossessor ?I reached Lennie on his cell phone (Nancy no longer is reachable) in mid-June,and I asked him straight up”are you going to honor this debt”,he said he was ,and then I asked him to” give me his word” ,he also agreed to that !I do have what I believe is concrete evidence of my claim .I then waited about 10 days to hear some positive news,nothing happened,also, Lennie is no longer answering his phones ?
I then send an email to Cascade Sportsbook in late June, informing them…. I will tell the whole story to a National known Sports Forum ,viewed by thousands of followers,and one that most likely, will embarrass Cascade to the extent they will lose many customers, maybe their entire business ! This, I will do ,unless I am paid by July 6th, 09,or at the very least ,informing me that you are making arrangements for the payoffs !
The figure now stands at 4000.53. Of course I heard nothing ,now I am reaching out to SBR for help!”