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BroburySports no longer accepting new players; pending move to

From D- to B-
BroburySports was first upgraded from D- to D+ on 6/12/2009. Brobury made clear to SBR that despite using the software and wagering department, they operated their own customer service dclosinpartment and handled players financial processing.  BroburySports broadened its player base by absorbing Malvern Sportsbook’s players.

BroburySports was upgraded again to C- on 3/3/2010 after nine months passed where no serious sportsbook complaint was reported. Their next upgrade came six months later. BroburySports agreed to add the SBR Sportsbook complaint form on their website, and to allow SBR to arbitrate all player disputes. Player feedback remained positive and the sportsbook stayed in good standing.

Brobury lowered to D; taking over
In the second week of 2011, BroburySports announced that it was closing its doors and new registrations would not be accepted. BroburySports players will be moved to by February. Although player feedback for Brobury remained steady, as shown by their periodic upgrades and willingness to allow SBR to mediate disputes, Brobury disbanding means that management will now be making all decisions. was most recently in the news when their skin, voided $3,000 in profit from a player’s casino winnings. SBR followed up on the complaint and learned that though the winnings were initially forfeited, what really wanted was additional ID from the player to verify his account. The player obliged and his account was reopened.

Prior to that complaint,’s skins & AllStar confiscated $39,000 in winnings from a player. A player wrote to SBR on 9/21/2010 stating that his accounts were closed after he won over $30,000 betting tennis. The player’s total deposits to both skins were $10,500. At the time of the account closures, he still had $6,900 in pending wagers. The player was told that only his deposits would be refunded. The player was aware of the Group policy to not circumvent wagering limits, and says that he was entirely conscious of this when placing his bets. SBR discussed the dispute on behalf of the player, and management finally agreed that the player broke no rules and would be paid his entire owed balance. The player confirmed on November 8th that he was to receive payment.

The above two complaints, while resolved, are indicative of the flimsy decision-making of managed sportsbooks. Players who go on runs and win thousands from the sportsbook are routinely shaken down and presumed guilty before innocent. confiscated hundreds of thousands in winnings from players it determined violated their correlated parlay rules years ago. Those cases remain open.

Players that are moved over to from Brobury are asked to keep SBR apprised of their account statuses. You can submit feedback by e-mail or through the SBR homepage.