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Bovada investigating possible in-play betting glitch


Two Bovada Sportsbook (SBR rating A) players have submitted similar accounts of a possible live, in-play betting glitch.

The first report was made on the SBR Sportsbook Forum on October 30.

A player claimed that he locked in a live wager on the Patriots -3 with Bovada, and that after the wager was accepted and confirmed, his bet ticket history showed the line changed to Patriots -4.

Sportsbook Review followed up with Bovada to relay the player's feedback and was told that the technical team was investigating. The normal behavior, per Bovada, is that the player would be notified of the line change prior to the bet being accepted, giving the player the opportunity to accept or reject the revised line.

The second Bovada complaint was registered today where a player detailed submitting an in-play tennis wager for over 17.5 games in the Andy Murray vs. Richard Gasquet match, after his ticket was locked in his bet history slip changed to 18.5 games.

The player provided two screen captures, one showing the bet at over 17.5 games with a unique ticket number assigned (indicating the wager was accepted), and a second screen capture showing the line at 18.5 games.

Fortunately, in both examples the sports bettors were unaffected by the line change and cashed their tickets anyway. However, the players could have easily lost both wagers on account of the line getting worse by a point.

Sportsbook Review asks Bovada players with live betting feedback to write to

SBR reported that Bovada upgraded their software this July to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It is unknown if this unconfirmed bug may be as a result of that software update. SBR will update following Bovada's investigation of this software issue and post the conclusion inside of this report.