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Bitcoin Sportsbooks Guide: A list of traditional and new bookmakers

The bitcoin sportsbooks guide at Sportsbook Review contains two types of bookmakers: well-established sportsbooks that have a history with players and serve a number of currencies in addition to bitcoin, and "bitcoin exclusive" sportsbooks that solely deal with the digital currency.

Bitcoin Category: Online Since
Website online since is the first category of the bitcoin sportsbooks guide. Players who are less risk-averse will likely want to shy away from sportsbooks who have been in business for less than one year, regardless of how glowing sports forum reviews might be, as sometimes new forum commentators might have an incentive to give overly positive feedback. This is precisely the reason that SBR limits votes in the top sportsbooks poll to members who were established prior to the poll beginning. The longer a sportsbook has been in operation with consistent feedback, the better chance players will have at enjoying their experience.

Minimum Deposit
SBR lists the minimum requirement to fund a sportsbook account, either through USD or BTC equivalent based on the listed sportsbook.

Sign Up Bonus
An advantage of an established sportsbook that deals with other currencies aside from bitcoin is that these sportsbooks are able to offer traditional sportsbook bonuses on top of deposits. This is because players have to establish that they are not fraudsters by verifying their sign-up information is true and accurate. Bitcoin sportsbooks do not require such information from players and consequently do not offer incentives that can be abused by players with bad intentions.

Maximum Payout
The maximum payout per period is listed in the bitcoin sportsbooks guide.

The most important category in the bitcoin sportsbooks guide is SBR rating. The bitcoin sportsbooks guide is ordered by SBR rating.

How bitcoin sportsbooks are rated
Bitcoin sportsbook ratings differ slightly from the ratings of traditional bookmakers. Sportsbooks that deal bitcoin exclusively have the ability to accept deposits and pay withdrawals instantly and without a fee. Unlike regular fiat sportsbooks that have processing companies to deal with, third parties, and other red tape, not to mention the element of KYC and fraud prevention, and who are not able to serve wallet transactions as swiftly or cheaply in many cases.

A bitcoin sportsbook therefore has no reason to delay paying player withdrawals and will have their rating adjusted more quickly than a sportsbook who might be plenty solvent but have a delayed batch of withdrawals due to this or that.

Sportsbook Review launched a video review of Nitrogen Sports' software last week. Nitrogen Sports is the first ever bitcoin sportsbook to have debuted in the sportsbook rating guide. SBR reviewed Nitrogen at length prior to assessing the popular Costa Rica based bitcoin outfit with an initial rating of B.

Balance held in Bitcoin?
Finally the bitcoin sportsbooks guide displays sportsbooks that store player balances in their native currency or in bitcoin. The difference here is important: Players who choose online sportsbooks that credit player balances in their native currency, such as USD, EUR, GBP, or other, are protected from the volatility of bitcoin and the rapid shifts in daily value. Players who decide they are comfortable with the potentially positive or negative swings meanwhile enjoy the benefit of free and rapid withdrawals.

Sportsbook Review has covered bitcoin and its recent ascent back into the $400 territory and why the value holding steady or getting better is music to the ears of online sports bettors. Players who want to discuss bitcoin sportsbooks are encouraged to do so at the bitcoin sportsbook forum at SBR.