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BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) credits players scammed by SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) and BetRoyal (SBR rating D-).

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Gambling911 covers SBG Scam and BJO Offer

BigJuicyOdds (which has been given a rating D+ by states it will credit players for winnings confiscated by SBG Global and BetRoyal without requiring a deposit.  A 20x roll-over (balance must be played-through twenty times) will be required before withdrawals can be requested. Players who elect to accept the offer must contact SportsBookReview.  BJO expects accounts to be credited before the end of the week.

BigJuicyOdds is a new sportsbook using Capilleira software and sportsbook hosting services. Capilleira-hosted sportsbooks were rated as high as C- in 2006 by SBR. All Capilleira-based books were downgraded due to a lack of safeguards for players by Capilleira management.

Capilleira blamed anonymous principals behind both BetCSL (SBR rating D-) and DragonWager (SBR rating D-) for inability to pay players. BigJuicyOdds tells SportsbookReview it also intends to absorb balances from these sportsbooks next week. BJO will be reevaluated following feedback from former CSL, DragonWager and SBG Global customers.

BigJuicyOdds advertises its online poker site on  However, G911 incorporates strict guidelines as not to promote online sports betting operations that are in existence less than three years as it has been our experience that nine out of every ten such business fails within that three year time frame.

Many readers have inquired about the sports betting arm of BigJuicyOdds upon seeing their ads on the site.  We allow some leeway with banner advertising in order to assist with the growth of this aspect of their company without direct promotion of the sportsbook.  There is a risk playing with any online sportsbook that is in business under three years and whenever possible, we attempt to make such a disclosure to our readers.

We are thrilled to have the BigJuicyOdds brand as part of the family and they have shown professionalism and long term focus throughout their campaign. welcomes new online poker rooms and casinos as the risk factor is not deemed as substantial.

“BigJuicyOdds have been great to deal with,” commented Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of  “They are not needy in the least unlike some past sponsors who we kicked to the curb.  Here’s a hint, they are mentioned in this article.”

John Walker of SportsbookReview writes in regard to the sports betting arm: “This is a D+ book that wants to grow. Players will risk time only so obviously its a wrothy deal. Although no one is going to pretend this is an ideal situation. They need to take good care of these players. They will make a name one way or the other.”

SBG Global claims the players in question were part of a betting syndicate.  The affected players assert that they were all betting from the same area outside of Hartford, Connecticut due to the fact that they were purchasing plays from a local radio personality/sports handicapper, who had been endorsing SBG Global exclusively.

Christopher Costigan, Publisher

Originally published October 25, 2007 9:29 pm ET