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BetWay Sportsbook player receives cold case settlement


SBR followed up with management regarding the player’s case, who agreed to retrace the steps of the account history and determine if in fact the player was eligible for the credit. As the account history is dated, current management must go through old data to verify a player’s claims before issuing funds.

The player confirmed receiving the credit with the following email to SBR dated 13 January 2014:

BetWay Sportsbook user: “The guy from betway phoned me at Friday and promised to get me back money that they previously took away as violation of 30% bonus rule. Today I get the money it was 5924,60PLN about 1390EURO. I’m shocked and happy. Thanks for your action. You write a few good words about them after all.”

The 30% rule was designed to remove winnings from players who had accepted a bonus and subsequently wagered in excess of their deposit bonus.

SBR invites BetWay Sportsbook users that lost funds due to the enforcement of this rule to write in to

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