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BetWay Sportsbook investigates alleged match fixing


A BetWay Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) player has filed a wagering complaint with SBR.

The player recently deposited €500 to wager on a tennis doubles match. The match took place the 23rd of July.

Four of his wagers were winners and two were losers. Overall the player should have profited €600 on the match, but he was never paid and has claimed he was told by BetWay the matches are being investigated for possible match fixing.

The player was given no additional information by BetWay on the expected time-frame for the conclusion of the investigation.

The player told the following to SBR in the complaint he filed:

BetWay Player: "I made a deposit of around 500euro and I bet on Cappechi/Maccari vs Garzelli/Mascolo doubles match. I won 4 tickets and loses 2. Overall I should had profited around 600euro on this match. However they never paid me and told me they are still waiting for the result of the investigation for possible "match fixing" which I don't have a slightest about the incident (sic). The bet was made last July 23, 2015 and still waiting up to now. I am worry that they might not pay my winnings and what if I lost instead of winning? Will my money be refunded? Which I doubt they will. Thanks and hope the site can help me with my concern."

Sportsbook Review upgraded the BetWay Sportsbook rating to B- on the 2nd of June. The sportsbook turned the corner with their controversial handling of bonus winnings disputes, where prior to SBR's meditation on several of the cases the online sportsbook would confiscate winnings if players wagered in excess of 30% of their bonus funds.

BetWay is owned by BetWay Limited. The sportsbook holds licenses with the Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

BetWay players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.