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Betway Sportsbook country dispute: Player alleges freeroll


He was allowed to sign up despite accidentally selecting Russia and made a deposit of $750. The transaction was made through eWallet processor Skrill. He proceed to take his action to the poker room – Betway belongs to the Microgaming network, which the player has pointed out allows Russians generally – and logged 1,591 hands of play in his first session.

At this point the player claimed he initiated a live chat with Betway to inquire on why he did not receive his sign up bonus automatically, as he expected to. At this point Betway indicated that they no longer accept players from his region, and as a result his account would be closed, all winnings forfeited, with just the initial deposit refunded.

The player claimed that his explanation on accidentally selecting Russia but legitimately residing in Vietnam – where player registrations are allowed – was not considered. He has stated he had no malicious intent and was not attempting tp dupe Betway, and is willing to provide his temporary resident documentation from Vietnam and is open to providing any form of officially notarized documents to confirm his whereabouts at the time the play occurred.

Betway has reportedly not replied to the player’s emails.

In summary, while the user accidentally chose the wrong location when signing up, in reality he made a transaction and subsequent wagers from Vietnam where users are permitted to have a Betway account. Additionally Betway Sportsbook stood to profit off potential losses, which constitutes a freeroll situation whereby the player could lose but have no chance of winning.

Betway Sportsbook was recently profiled by SBR in July of 2014. The betting site cleaned up their bonus rules at the suggestion of SBR and discontinued the controversial “30% rule” which led to multiple downgrades in 2011.

Sportsbook Review is speaking with Betway management surrounding this user’s complaint, and will update this report.