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BetUS Sportsbook Update


BetUS Sportsbook management has agreed to discuss player complaints with SBR.

The online sports betting website ran afoul of industry standard several times over the years as can be seen from their mini-review, but has cleaned up their act in recent months and paid players in disputes raised by SBR.

The player risk level is lower than it was in the past, and as such the rating has changed from C- to C.

On November 5 of last year, Sportsbook Review reported that a BetUS player received payment to close out a bonus complaint.

A second player was also paid after the online sportsbook reversed course following discussion with Sportsbook Review.

Do sportsbooks ever really change?
A lot of times the account manager or trading staff might rule disputes a certain way, setting up the sports betting site for negative feedback, poor public perception, and eventually these staff will come and go. When an online sportsbook recognizes that most of its publicity is for the worse, more sensible and rational individuals who are later employed by one of these betting sites might recognize the value of revisiting outstanding complaints and changing their rules for the better.

Word of mouth is a very powerful thing when it comes to the sports betting industry; simply by sharing feedback in the Sportsbook & Industry forum, regular joe players who have been conned, misled, or even received an incorrect answer by a customer service rep via live chat can help change that sportsbook for the good. Whenever managers pull up the forum and see nothing but negative feedback, the sportsbook often moves to clear up these items and establish better procedure to avoid complaints in the future and correct what is legitimately wrong to prevent items from reoccuring.

BetUS players with feedback are encouraged to write to