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BetUS Sportsbook complaint closure, SBR video update


SBR reported earlier this week that a BetUS Sportsbook player (SBR rating D+) submitted a payout complaint. The player claimed that he was unable to withdraw a $700 balance. He was under the impression that nothing could be done and he had no option to receive his funds. The SBR investigation revealed it was not that complicated.

The player deposited by credit card five months ago. He claims that he lost the card used when funding his account. Sportsbook Review asked if he was able to print a copy of an old bank statement showing the deposit made with the card in question. Typically, in such cases that would be sufficient to establish that the card was legitimately in a player’s possession.


The reason online sportsbooks require proof of card following a first-time deposit is to curb fraud, and satisfy gambling regulators guidelines which require betting sites to perform reasonable KYC (Know your Customer) for individual accounts.

While waiting for the player to answer on if he would be able to provide the banking statement, SBR followed up with its management contact at BetUS and posed the same question. During the 24-hour sequence during the time that SBR waited to hear back from the player or sportsbook, SBR was told that the player lost the $700 balance in the BetUS casino. It is unclear if the player believed that the funds in his account were monopoly money, or simply grew tired of waiting.

BetUS claims it will have a supervisor reach out to the player to explain personally the nuts and bolts of the procedure that must be followed when deposits are made with any new credit card. The player will also be offered a complementary free play in light of the sour experience he had. The free play comes in good faith; technically, the sportsbook did nothing wrong, other than perhaps not make immediately clear to the player what his next step was in light of the card not being in his possession.

BetUS players with feedback should write to SBR.