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BetUS complaint highlights importance of KYC process


A BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player has submitted a complaint. He has a $700 balance and is attempting to receive his first payout from the betting site. He deposited via credit card five months ago, but never verified the card through an authorization form. He claims he is presently stuck and unable to be paid.

The player has told SBR that he is no longer in possession of the credit card and is unable to comply with the BetUS request. Sportsbook Review is asking if he is able to print a banking statement showing the transaction he made to the betting site, or otherwise produce documentation confirming that the card was legitimate.

Know Your Customer (KYC) process
Sportsbook Review reported on why KYC matters and how online sportsbooks enforce it recently. Whenever players deposit with credit cards, sportsbooks will need to see a copy of the card used, along with a form of non-expired identification such as a driver’s license or international passport. In smaller countries, a valid passport is mandatory for the purposes of verifying a sportsbook account.

Whenever a credit card deposit is made for the first time players are advised to be ready to upload the scan of the plastic used, even if the sportsbook has yet to make the request. If players choose to wait, not only do they run the risk of encountering a scenario such as what has been reported by this BetUS player, they also likely add unnecessary hours or days before they can receive their first payout.

To avoid delays come payout time, players should make sure they are in full compliance with sportsbook rules. Scan the fine-print, go on live help, take an extra step and it will help avoid a headache come withdrawal time as well as establish your compliance with the betting site.