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BetUS Casino Player Reports Blackjack Glitch


A BetUS Sportsbook player has claimed that the casino software is not offering the option for insurance when the house is dealt an Ace.

The player has claimed that this started days ago when BetUS Sportsbook reportedly changed their software, and that the malfunction occurs specifically while using a mobile device.

The player reported that he submitted this bug for BetUS staff review but did not get anywhere. He believes that this bug has cost him in the neighborhood of $800, though on the surface this claim appears to be dubious – as without an option for insurance, what a player really gets shorted is the expectation percentage points, additionally players cannot count cards online as the decks reshuffle after each hand.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with BetUS Sportsbook to confirm the bug and has inquired on what if any software changes were made.

SBR will update as management addresses the issue.

BetUS players with feedback should write to