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Betting Sites to Avoid: Understanding the Sportsbook Blacklist


The Sportsbook Review Blacklist is a directory of sports betting websites that have a long and continued history of mistreating players.

The worst of the worst, this list contains more than 350 betting sites that are categorized as outright scams and borderline scams.

Tardy payouts, poor service, and confiscation of winnings should be expected by players who opt to deposit with these betting sites.

Have you ever depended on a timely payout from a sports betting site only to come up with hot air? Sportsbooks on the blacklist are consistently among the slowest to pay in the sports betting industry.

Failure to pay: Outright Scams
F rated sportsbooks have shown a pattern of scamming players out of their funds, either by not paying winnings due to some arbitrary reason or simply shutting down shop in the middle of the night, leaving players without any hope of ever recovering their deposited funds. Major recent examples of this include Canbet Sportsbook and on a smaller scale, the case of defunct online betting site GoBetGo.

What to do if you need help?
File a sportsbook complaint with SBR. While sportsbooks on the blacklist have often refused to communicate with SBR, ultimately the more attention you can generate, the higher the likelihood you might eventually receive your funds.

Sportsbooks have shown particular care to certain parts of the year; i.e. an online betting site that does not pay out in April might pay out in August because football season has rolled around and the negative exposure from not paying or slow-paying is not worth it.

How to find a reputable sports betting website?
The Sportsbook Rating Guide contains information on more than 200 active betting sites and casinos. Players can search by betting features, operation history, location, and many more categories to assist with finding a sportsbook that has proven it has no problem paying winners and remains in good standing with users.

The online sports betting universe is no different than the stock trading world or any financial industry. The difference between there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or a depleted bankroll is up to you.