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Betsson confiscates €360 from player citing fraud



Most fraud cases centre on a person not being who they claim to be. Normally, sportsbooks that determine a player is guilty of fraud will point to actionable evidence — a fake birth date, invalid details, fake passport or ID card. Betsson has refunded the player’s deposit and voided her winnings on their suspicion alone, and is currently unwilling to discuss the claim with SBR.

On January 18th, 2012, SBR reported that Betsson confiscated €600 from a poker player. The player admitted to playing against a friend in the poker room. He claimed that the player was legitimate, not a “chip-dump”. Chip dumping is the act of colluding with other players, usually to circulate ill-gotten funds or move funds between accounts. Betsson declined to discuss this case with SBR and was downgraded to C+ in the sportsbook ratings guide.