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BetSafe Sportsbook doubles down & justifies theft


SBR provided the details of the sportsbook dispute to the Betsson manager. After 24 hours, ruling came down from as high up as Managing Director of BetSafe Liam Casey.

BetSafe asked the following to be published word-for-word regarding their decision to confiscate €22,500 from the player:

“The female player was placing bets on live football matches and although she verified her account with documents from onset, on her third withdrawal our Fraud Team decided to carry out enhanced due diligence by means of calling her to ensure the legitimacy of the account. The outcome of the Phone Verification was negative. It was very apparent that she was being prompted by a third party. We continued to try and contact this player by phone numerous times after the original call, and each time providing more evidence that she is not the one managing the account. As a result we closed the account and confiscated the funds. This decision is final and has been approved by senior management.”

In this situation, BetSafe has concluded that because the player failed their random phone quiz, another person entirely was controlling the betting account. BetSafe has offered no material evidence that confirms this belief. No IP logs, no cookie records, no personally identifying information overlap, not even as much as suspicious betting activity connected with other accounts (the least reliable of all data).

BetSafe has went against the common industry standard and appointed itself judge, jury, and executioner. The player’s entire €22,500 balance has been erased, despite the admission that the player’s account was verified from the onset by submitting valid identification documents.

BetSafe, operating on a hunch, emptied the player’s account and profits €22,500 from enforcing their designed to lose game of high stakes phone tag.

The player has told SBR that legal action is being considered. More than anything else, she wants the story to be told.

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