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Betsafe Sportsbook confiscates €3808, says bettor


A sportsbook complaint has been reported against online sportsbook Betsafe (SBR rating C-).

The player opened his account with the online sportsbook in mid-September 2015 and ran up a balance of €3,808.

He attempted to take a payout of €3,000 before having his account closed by Betsafe and balance confiscated.

The player claimed in his complaint with Sportsbook Review that following asking for the €3,000 withdrawal that all of his documents were approved by the online sportsbook as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Besafe however randomly called the player following the submission of the documents; the player claimed that he is not totally fluant in English and had a roommate translate the call.

The following day, Betsafe sent an email explaining that their terms and conditions were breached. The online sportsbook did not believe that the player was the one in control of the Betsafe account, and decided to confiscate the balance.

The player's initial deposit has not been refunded by Betsafe. Even if the online sportsbook can prove that another player was controlling the account – which has yet to be established – there would not be a scenario in which the player's deposit should not be returned. Online sportsbooks cannot profit off of fraud.

Sportsbook Review is investigating the complaint and will touch base with Betsafe concerning the complaint.

Betsafe last had their sportsbook rating adjusted in September of 2012 when they were downgraded from C+ to C-.

Betsafe players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.