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BetOwi player owed $500 via BTC since March 2016


A new bitcoin related payout complaint has been submitted against BetOwi (SBR rating D+).

A player has reported that the first of his three bitcoin requests was made in March 2016 and has not been paid.

Payouts two and three were requested in April and are 30 days past due from the date published on BetOwi's website.

Two other bitcoin payout complaints are on file: A player reported being owed $500 since April 10, and a player reported being owed $500 since April 20.

The online sportsbook has struggled with processing bitcoin payouts in a consistent time-frame with other industry sportsbooks offering bitcoin according to feedback from SBR Forum readers.

Bitcoin allows online sportsbooks to bypass third party processors which can contribute to payment delays.

SBR has requested an update on the three bitcoin payout complaints.

BetOwi players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.