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BetOnUSA (SBR rating D+) moving to Futurebet from the (SBR rating D+) Family

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The sportsbook is currently hosted on a Futurebet server and IP address. Some cashier pages are already live on the Futurebet/PlayerSupport network. support is telling BetOnUSA players they are having problems with the site when in fact the website is off-line so that accounts can be ported into the Futurebet software and the website can be moved to Futurebet’s Canadian servers. Despite the Group’s processing issues it is likely the payout situation will worsen for BetOnUSA users. It should be noted that BetOnUSA was known for dishonest practices prior to its move to’s facility. PyramidSportsWager (SBR rating D+), a long time BetOnUSA sister site and IEE licensee, is also offline due to the impending transfer. Players are advised to pursue funds from these sportsbooks.

BetOnUSA players can currently access their accounts through (SBR rating D+)