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BetOnline247 players report slow-pay: €16,700 owed

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BetOnline247 players have reported that they are being slow-paid. BetOnline247 has been the focus of 24 SBR reports in the last ten months, and is currently slow-paying a total of twenty-one players. These players are owed a combined €16,700.

BetOnline247 Sportsbook:

Regarding your payout. I consulted management and accounting regarding the delay and I was informed that due to the high volume of pending withdrawal requests they established a (up to) 30-day payout timeframe from request date (this mean that you’ll get paid close to 01-19, this following week).

We know it’s longer than expected and we understand the frustration it may cause, but be assured that you’ll get paid; we always pay our customers, even if it takes 30days but all our customers get paid.

Despite the above message to players, BetOnline247 has not processed payments inside of its unprecedented 7 to 30 day window for withdrawals.


A BetOnline247 player reports not receiving support regarding a bonus complaint:


please help. i made a deposit of ?73,88 on Nov 28, 2010. I immediately got 100% bonus, and they say that in order to withdraw funds I have to rollover the whole amount (?147,76) 6 times on odds higher than 2.0. This means that I have to pay on bets ?886,56 before I can ask for a withdrawal. Until then, i have placed numerous bets, with total amount placed on those bets higher than ?1300. Not all bets were placed on odds higher than 2.0, but I’m sure that more than ?1000 were placed on bets with odds higher than 2.0. The problem is following: they still don’t let me withdraw my money. Every time I try to make a withdrawal a following message pop-up “To withdraw the intended amount and use your bonus, please follow the bonus requirenments. For details, please refer to our Promotions Information” I e-mailed them but i didn’t get any answer. Can you please try to find out what is happening?


BetOnline247 has ceased communication with SBR. SBR considers BetOnline247 a high-risk sportsbook that is to be avoided.