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BetOnline247 player reports payment; 30 day withdrawal time-frame

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BetOnline247 Sportsbook draws criticism from players due to its non-industry standard wait times. BetOnline247 players asks players to wait from 2 to 30 days to receive their withdrawals. Despite this large window, players have reported payment delays dating back to October 20th.

BetOnline247 management responds to about one-third of all e-mails sent to them, typically when there is news of payments to report. BetOnline247 has declined SBR's requests to speak candidly about financial issues the sportsbook might be facing, or the handle it has on processing.

BetOnline247 management:

I consulted management and accounting once again, regarding the delay and I was informed that due to the high volume of pending withdrawal requests they established a 30day payout timeframe from request date (this mean that you'll get your 1100 paid close to 01-19). We know and understand your frustration, but be assured that you'll get paid, we always pay our customers, even if it takes 30days but all our customers get paid. We are aware that this is an area we need to improve and we are working on decreasing waiting time and improving our service. We ask for your patience and thank you one more time for your understanding.

A BetOnline247 player describes his frustrating withdrawal experience below.

BetOnline247 player:

Since I read dreadfull stories about BetOnline247 I'm also in need of you. I have made my first withdrawal on BetOnLine247 on 14.11.2010 – I have waited some days, then I have mailed them asking about the payment. They responded they have some mail problems and then they said it would take a bit longer for transaction to be completed, they said max 1 month. Ok, I recieved then my 300 EUR on 14.12.2010 (right about 1 month time). Then I made another withdraw of 300 EUR on 28.12.2010 and e-mailed them to ask if it will take again 1 month. I didn't get any reply and 8 days have passed since (i mailed them several times). Then I read that also others have problems with payouts at their site,so I decided to withdraw the remaing funds 523.63 EUR on 5.1.2011. Since they are not replying to mails, I'm became very worried.

BetOnline247 maintains a mark of D- on the SBR Sportsbook rating guide. Sportsbooks rated D- or lower are automatically indexed in the sportsbook blacklist, which cautions players of severe slow to no-pay, and scam operations. Players should resist the temptations of a too good to be true bonus offering, and stick with established sportsbooks with a history of consistent feedback. BetOnline247 has been the subject of 23 SBR reports over the last nine months, and is currently slow-paying seventee players over €13,000.