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BetOnline247 payout reported; 15 new complaints hit SBR mailbox

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Fifteen BetOnline247 players have filed sportsbook complaints since SBR’s last update on February 17th.

Players express frustration with BetOnline247’s generic responses to payout inquiries, including the sportsbook’s quoted 2-30 day withdrawal timeframe, despite players having requested their funds as far back as December of 2010.

One BetOnline247 player confirmed receiving payment for an unspecified amount in February of 2011. The player shared with SBR a statement allegedly sent by a member of BetOnline247’s staff.


Please note that we delayed processing due to security issues with players who abusing us. Please look at the screenshot and you may notice how many players in one page have multiple accounts and we close their accounts and then they will complaint to SBR. So our rating is low because of this matter but any other bookie would close them as well.

BetOnline247 has routinely been unavailable for comment on withdrawal statuses, typically advising SBR only when certain payouts are processed. BetOnline247 is currently slow-paying 40 players over €30,000.

SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.