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BetDSI Removes $762 From Player’s Account Two Months After Wager


A sportsbook complaint has been filed against BetDSI (SBR rating C-). A player reported that $762 in winnings were removed from his account two months after a prop bet cashed on the Nobel Peace Prize winner. BetDSI's position is that the player staked more than a total of $250 on the prop.

The player argued that his bets were accepted, and believes the bets went to a trader for manual review as the wagers were not immediately accepted. BetDSI disputed this to SBR, saying that the wagers were accepted automatically.

After two of his total three wagers on the Nobel Peace Prize winner (wagers placed July 17, July 19, and August 26), the line was adjusted by BetDSI. The first two wagers were placed at the odds of +175 and his third wager at the odds of +130.

BetDSI software does not prevent players from wagering the same game more than one time. It is common practice for players to rebet the same game more than once if the software accepts it, or if the sportsbook has had the opportunity to move the line.

BetDSI Player: "I discovered that on Dec 3, DSI manually removed $762.00 from my account. I was not given any notice of this transaction; no email, no message in my account inbox. When I asked customer service, I was told that I went over my limit on the two $250 bets (@ +175 and +130), and that management had decided to retroactively remove the winnings from my account."

SBR has asked BetDSI to honor the player's winnings since he had action on his wagers and the opportunity to lose, creating what's known as a 'freeroll' situation where a player can lose his funds but has no chance to win. SBR will update if BetDSI reconsiders their position.

BetDSI Rating Adjustment
BetDSI was given an upgrade from D+ to C- after paying a player $23,832.17 who had been waiting for his funds more than eight months. BetDSI believed that the player was wagering on behalf of a third-party but was unable to substantiate this claim, and paid the player in full many months after he submitted his identification.

BetDSI players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.