BetClic Sportsbook Player Punished for Being Sharp?


A BetClic Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player thinks that he has been punished for being too sophisticated of a player.

He signed up recently and made his first deposit through Neteller.

The player confirmed at the time that he was able to receive his withdrawals through Neteller. He built up a balance of €594, but is now being told he cannot use Neteller.

As for the sudden reversal of BetClic's stance, the player believes that it is because all of his wagers were what he described as being arbs (arbitrage bets).

Arbitrage betting, in both the sports betting world as well as the financial markets, are bets which take advantage of the pricing of two or more markets where a player capitalizes on the imbalance between the markets.

Online sportsbooks generally prefer clients who display more "regular" wagering patterns, who mix it up and bet even when they do not have a perceived can't lose advantage over the sportsbook; this type of player would not simply take advantage of incorrect or soft lines.

Sportsbook Review is discussing this complaint with BetClic Sportsbook.

BetClic is a D+ rated betting site which is on the sportsbook avoid list – teetering on the edge of being listed as a scam sportsbook along with the D- and F rated sportsbooks in the sportsbook blacklist.