BetClic Player Has Account Frozen for Traveling


A BetClic Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint.

The player had been wagering with the sports betting site for a period of one year.

He has said that his account was fully verified last April. He had successfully made a few withdrawals for over €14,000. In January of this year, he says that everything changed.

His account was frozen and balance locked. The reason was that he had accessed his sports betting account while traveling and had failed to notify the company, though he later produced a variety of documents establishing that he had been on the road. Sportsbook Review advises players who have upcoming travel to disclose such plans to online sportsbooks to prevent issues.

When sportsbooks detect that players locations are changing, it is a preventive measure to suspend access or at least request the player acknowledge what's going on, particularly if any of the locations happen to fall outside of jurisdictions that they serve.

Sportsbook Review has asked BetClic to discuss the case.