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BetCity player denies operating multiple accounts


Sportsbook Review reported that BetCity closed a player's account and seized €730 in winnings three weeks ago.

The player was able to place just two wagers before his account access was revoked and balance erased. He had deposited €50 and placed two accumulator wagers, winning one and increasing his total balance to €780.

The player was told that he violated BetCity's terms and conditions pertaining to multiple accounts. The player vehemently denies the charge and points to the fact that he did not accept a sportsbook bonus and that he wagers recreationally.

BetCity has yet to comment on the case with Sportsbook Review.

SBR has received limited feedback on BetCity from players. In one case, a player that had his account blocked wiith a balance of €962.88 had his account reopened after filing a sportsbook complaint with SBR. The player similarly denied wrongdoing and was able to successfully withdraw his balance.

A player submitted a live, in-play wagering dispute against BetCity in April of 2013 concerning betting over 4.5 goals; he claimed that the wager was incorrectly graded. However, the ticket in question was settled normally as the shootout in OT did not count toward the totals wager.

BetCity, based in Russia, holds a sportsbook rating of D.