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BetCities and IrishGambling enter SBR Rating Guide at F



"When I first saw GameCities, I was a little skeptical. I've always wanted to setup my own online casino but I didn't have the money or technical experience to pull it off. But because the investment requirement was so small, I decided to give GameCities a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of my casino site and this quality is paying off so far. I've been getting a 600% profit for every dollar I've invested to promote my site. I don't know where else you can get a return like that."

Angela – Play City Inc.

"I wasn't looking for an investment and I'm not an entrepreneur. However, I did bet on sportsbook regularly. When I found out about GameCities, it was clear to me that they had a great product. For less than I was spending in a typical day as a player, I could OWN my very own sportsbook! And now, I'm making more as an owner than I ever did as a player. A LOT more! I still wager on my own site from time to time but ownership is where the real money is!"

Sam – AllTeam Sportsbook Corp

"I stumbled across from playing at a casino built by them. I really enjoyed playing at that casino and I decided to check out who built the site. As an online entrepreneur, the GameCities offer was a no-brainer. Anyone who's done their research knows that it takes at least twenty thousand to build an online casino. With GameCities, I get a fully functional casino for just $500 and the quality is much better than my previous casino site which cost me $25,000. What a waste of money that was…I just wished I'd found GameCities earlier."

Duane- BetCities Inc

"I truly believe that you can make a lot of money with GameCities. If you put a little time and money into marketing your casino, the returns can be enormous. I run banner ads and even do some none-Internet advertising and I'm making about $7,200 for every $1,000!"

Frank – Korea Jackpot Ltd

"I have finally gotten my website active (hotplayerscasino) and I LOVE IT!!! I am getting ready to start promoting it like it is going out of style, I am very very pleased. Again thanks so much"

Michael Senteno