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BetCas Sportsbook player reports receiving payout


Sportsbook Review reported recently that online sports betting website BetCas blamed a player for complaining on sports forums and used that as an excuse for not paying him on-time.

It appears that BetCas may have simply been toying with the player as he received payment of £6,000 this week to settle his outstanding complaint.

BetCas for their part has still refused to communicate with SBR, and remains off-line pending a platform upgrade which has been displayed on their homepage since March 30, when SBR reported that the website was no longer taking bets.

SBR has written nine other BetCas players who previously launched complaints to confirm whether or not they too have received their funds from the sports betting site.

When online sportsbooks blame players for complaining about slow payouts and then deliberately delay payouts, that is an immediate red flag that the sportsbook is not of sound management. Players should exercise extreme caution when selecting a new sports betting website and do their homework whenever possible.

Sportsbook Review has a comprehensive free betting sites rating guide available which measures more than 200 active online sportsbook and displays them in accordance with their standing.

BetCas sportsbook players who would like to share their feedback with others can document their experiences across several mediums; by creating a username with SBR and making a post in the gambler driven Sportsbook & Industry section, by making a tweet @SBRreview, filing an official betting site complaint, or writing it directly to SBR by email at