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BetBoo bonus complaint reaches SBR news mailbox


BetBoo was initiated with a D rating by Sportsbook Review on November 3rd of 2010. BetBoo had been the subject of four sportsbook reports prior to that time. For a look back at BetBoo sportsbook news, read below.

A BetBoo player confirmed payment. This player was the subject of an October 28th slow-pay complaint. The player requested a $2099 payout on September 30th, telling SBR that all required ID documents were provideed to the sportsbook. SBR followed up on the sportsbook complaint.

A BetBoo player contacted SBR stating that a wager was voided due to being an alleged bad line, then graded as a loss the next day. The player wagered €5 on a Russian hockey match on October 10th. Hours after placing his wager, he received an email that the wager was canceled due to an odds error. A day later, the player’s account was debited for a loss on the voided wager. When the player contacted BetBoo, they stated the first email was sent in error.

A BetBoo player claimed that his wagering ticket was altered. On March 21st, the player wagered on a soccer match between Vejle and Frederica for €300. The player screenshotted the wager, and provided a copy to Sportsbook Review. Two hours after the conclusion of the match, his wager was canceled and stake returned. After inquiring with BetBoo, the player was informed that the system displayed the wrong soccer team. The player returned to his account menu and found that his ticket was altered. BetBoo management failed to discuss this dispute with SBR, and the player ceased following up on the complaint.