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BetAtHome Sportsbook addresses chip dumping dispute


This Tuesday SBR reported that BetAtHome Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) accused a player of chip dumping in the poker room and confiscated €595 from his account.

SBR followed up with the online sportsbook to discuss the complaint and was given what amounted to a non-answer.

BetAtHome is only willing to discuss details of the complaint with the player. SBR informed the BetAtHome analyst that the player had electronically consented to have his complaint mediated by SBR when he filed his dispute.

SBR then suggested that the player send a follow-up email with SBR also attached as a recipient.

The online sportsbook originally told the player the following when explaining their decision to confiscate his balance.

BetAtHome Sportsbook: "We are sorry to inform you that your account was closed due to breach of our poker terms and conditions. Please note that your account remains closed and we are not able to assist you any further. We wish you all the best."

The player then received a more detailed response via ground mail which was written in Russian. The player was specifically charged with chip dumping; the act of intentionally losing funds in the poker room to other account-holders.

Chip dumping can be used to launder ill-gotten funds and is barred at all poker rooms. However, except for clearly egregious examples, the outcome of individual hands is often quite subjective and is why there are so many complaints on this topic from players who have denied the infraction.