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Recent BetAtHome newsOn February 25th, SBR reported on a BetAtHome confiscation report. A player claimed that he deposited 700 PLN for a 50% bonus. He increased his balance to 4,500 before his account was closed without word by the sportsbook. His deposit was refunded. No other details were given.

On January 20th, SBR reported on a BetAtHome multi-account dispute. A player claimed that he deposited €712 after registering for the sportsbook through a friend’s computer. BetAtHome ruled that the player was guilty of violating their terms and conditions despite all of the account play being unique, and refunded his deposit. BetAtHome referred to the LGA’s judgment in the case.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta issues BetAtHome’s sportsbook license.

BetAtHome has since reached out to SBR inquiring on having their rating evaluated. SBR will present all relevant outstanding cases for BetAtHome to review and in some cases re-review, in hopes that players will be given a fair shake in any instance where the sportsbook may have went against established industry standard.




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