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BetAfterBet pays player £1,732



We are forwarding this communication to update you as to what has been happening at We have been having some technical and ‘human error’ issues that have affected the smooth operation of our business.
We have been reviewing, over the last three months, the management of payouts to customers. The review was requested by our Finance Team as there were clear indications of problems with the manner in which payouts where being handled.
We have had to hold back on payments, as of course you are aware, until such time that the issue was properly investigated and the problem clearly identified. There was a very clear mishandling of the bonus system with bonus money being converted to ‘real’ money well before players were eligible for this. The effect of this on cash flow need not be explained.
We are re- calculating all player balances based on our terms and conditions for the promotional offer(Bonus- see attached terms and conditions) and shall be paying out to all players, when requested,  all amounts due to them after the correction has been made. We will therefore pay out deposits and winnings made on deposits plus and bonus and bonus winnings made if the rotation rule has been complied with by players.
We do apologize for any inconvenience caused and wish to assure you that all players shall be paid out when requested, based on the above calculation that complies with our terms and conditions.  What we will need is some time to effect the payment request as we need to analysis every single bet placed prior to calculating the correct payout amount- We will of course also send you a copy of the payout statement for your consideration once this has been calculated.