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Bet Tango added to SBR rating guide at D-


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I found this book via Moneybookers. They recommended on their webside.
Now I have in BetTango $9,348.63. I tried to withdraw money several times from 15-12-2009, when I get e-mail from Andrew Steward (Accounting Dept.) confirming my rollover and thirst pay-out in amount $1,500. I have never got this money. I contacted with them lot of times then. Last reply I got on 22.12.2009 from Britney Owens ( Accc. Dept.) with assuring that I will get money in coming week. From the beginning of the January their webside doesn’t work. I cannot log onto my account. It is impossible to contact with them. Can you help me, please?



Here is some of the info you asked for, the Acct. at BET TANGO was openedon NOV.9,2009.  It was funded through my account with Moneybookersthe same day at 9.22 CET time and the amount sent was $ 340.00 US ( 368.25 CAD ) The first e-mail that i sent to BET TANGO was Dec.13,2009 addressed to a Mr.David B. this Persons name was provided to me by Moneybookers management which i phoned when i was unable to contact Bet Tango by phone using the numbers they provided on their webside. I am not to good with computers ( only know basic stuff ) i will sent you every e-mail that i sent and every reply i received from them with the dates startind Dec.13,2009 I requested the first and only withdrawal on Dec.14,2009 in the amount of $ 1,900.00 you will see by the e-mails all the details and dates. Right now i cannot even login my Acct. at Bet Tango. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.





I requested a payout about 90 days ago. After being forced to send them numerous forms of Id via fax over and over. Like they were not receiving as to buy time. They finally say they are having problems with credit card processor and will try to pay me something every week until i’m even. I told them that i was going to post a warning about them on the forums. They said if i did go to forums I would not be paid (not in those exact words but point was obvious) I told them If i did not have my first payment by 12-25 then i was going to start a thread on every forum i knew of.