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Best sportsbooks for NFL Week 1 Betting

Seven online sportsbooks are presently listed in the best sportsbooks directory. (Editor's note: The list of sportsbooks varies for each region)

Why sportsbooks are considered the best?
Inclusion on the best sportsbooks list is a tough process: It takes many years for sportsbooks to qualify, placement on the list is not for sale. Sportsbooks will be removed from the list in the event that player complaints surface where the SBR opinion is that the players were treated unfairly, or in a manner that goes against the nature of the industry standard.

Sportsbooks that pay out quicker than other websites generally are given better ratings and held in higher regard with players. Sportsbooks that can take several days or weeks to release payouts are rated lower in the sportsbook rating guide, and the absolute worst of these sportsbooks — those considered scams — are listed on the sportsbook blacklist.

The positioning of each sportsbook on the annual SBR community posters' poll for top sportsbooks also plays a part in shaping sportsbook ratings. The poll results are displayed at the top of the SBR Posting Forum and on the right-hand side of all newswire articles.

Online sportsbooks that are publicly traded such as Bet365 and WilliamHill are rated accordingly. These companies have shown that they are financially responsible, conduct transparent business, and employ thousands of employees in addition to operating many betting shops throughout the United Kingdom.

NFL Betting Props
These sportsbooks have their odds displayed in the NFL prop betting and futures list which shows all of the most competitive industry odds ahead of week one of the NFL and College Football seasons. There are presently 29 unique betting markets associated with NFL props available ahead of week 1, with many more expected the week of game day. Players who would like to discuss betting strategy can do so in the NFL Betting Forum at SBR.

Week 1 NFL Picks
A digest has been posted of handicapper picks for week 1 NFL at SBR Picks. Real-time updating game widgets are already available showing the best odds per sportsbook. Only sports betting websites in good standing are powered through these widgets. Players looking for a broader range of sportsbooks and configurable display options and line history can visit SBR Betting Odds.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated as additional betting resources are available for week 1 NFL.