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Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills makes a pass for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams during the 2022 NFL season-opening game at SoFi Stadium.
Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills makes a pass for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams during the 2022 NFL season-opening game at SoFi Stadium. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images via AFP.

With the betting favorites for the NFL player awards beginning to establish themselves after the first five weeks of the 2022 season, prospective bettors should be looking for the best odds for the front-runners and outlier numbers when looking to wager on the longshots.

This is an analysis of the NFL futures markets available at our top-rated sportsbooks with a focus on how the various books standout from the competition – both positively and negatively. 

Whether it’s providing the best odds for the consensus favorite to win a particular award or hanging a rouge number on a longshot, bettors who can pick and choose between books are always going to have the ability to secure the best number.

After all, there are pros and cons attached to each individual betting market at each sportsbook, so widening your exposure and being able to secure the best odds is vital to long-term success.

Odds from BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel and PointsBet as of 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

NFL MVP Award Odds

J. Allen+175+200+200+175+220
P. Mahomes+400+450+450+400+300
J. Hurts+550+500+600+600+650
L. Jackson+550+600+600+550+700
J. Herbert+1200+1600+1400+1600+1600
J. Burrow+3300+3500+3000+4000+3000
T. Brady+4000+3000+4000+3000+3300
A. Rodgers+3300+3500+4000+4000+4000
K. Cousins+4000+4000+4500+4000+5000
K. Murray+4000+5000+4000+4000+8000
D. Carr+5000+6000+5000+4000+5000
T. Lawrence+5000+6000+5000+5000+5000

How long before the NFL just renames this the Top Quarterback Award? The favorites are all signal callers – and that's logical given that it’s been 10 years since a non-quarterback received the honor.

While there’s limited disparity at the top of the odds lists, PointsBet is offering the best number for the consensus betting favorite, Buffalo Bills superstar Josh Allen. That’s an obvious win because a lot of bettors are going to gravitate to the top of the odds list. 

Additionally, PointsBet is also hanging the best odds for Philadelphia's Jalen Hurts and Baltimore's Lamar Jackson. It also offers the best value for Kirk Cousins of the MInnesota Vikings and Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

Bettors looking to back Kansas City Chiefs mega-star Patrick Mahomes will want to turn to either Caesars or DraftKings sportsbook, whereas PointsBet has the lowest offering for the KC star.

Additionally, Caesars either has the best number or is tied for the best number on Justin Herbert of the Chargers, Derek Carr of the Raiders and Trevor Lawrence of the Jaguars.

Hurts’ +500 odds to win the MVP Award is the lone example where Caesars is offering the lowest return, too.

Overall, DraftKings and FanDuel offer competitive odds across the board. FanDuel has the longest odds on Cincinnati Bengals signal caller Joe Burrow, and the shortest for Carr. DraftKings, meanwhile, is positioned in the middle of the pack on each of the highlighted 12 players.

BetMGM, on the other hand, doesn’t stand alone in offering the best odds on any of the listed quarterbacks. At best, the book matches the highest number available, and the only instance is with Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award Odds

C. Kupp+600+600+700+600
J. Jefferson+600+600+700+600
L. Jackson+600+650+700+700
J. Hurts+600+600+800+700
S. Diggs+1200+1200+1100+1100
N. Chubb+1200+1200+1400+800
S. Barkley+1200+1200+1400+1200
J. Allen+1600+1600+1600+1700
P. Mahomes+2500+2000+2300+2000
D. Adams+2500+1400+2300+2800
T. Hill+2500+2500+2000+2200
J. Chase+4000+4000+2000+3300
D. Samuel+4000+4000+2900+3000
T. Kelce+4000+5000+4000+2500

FanDuel is the best sportsbook to bet the favorites in this market, as it offers the longest number on seven of the first eight highlighted players. Two thumbs up, FanDuel.

You’re not going to find the best number further down the odds list at FanDuel, though, and it’s trading the following wide receivers at the shortest odds: the Miami Dolphins' Tyreek Hill, the Cincinnati Bengals' Ja’Marr Chase and the San Francisco 49ers' Deebo Samuel.

This betting market, in particular, reinforces the benefit of having multiple sportsbooks to turn to. 

DraftKings once again has competitive odds, but Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stands out as the only example where the book is hanging an outlier number.

Furthermore, this is a rare market where PointsBet doesn’t have multiple top offerings. Meanwhile, BetMGM hanging the best number for Mahomes is noteworthy considering it is consistently short in the MVP market.

Also, could somebody let Caesars know it’s impossible to take a bet if there aren’t any odds available?  

NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award

M. Parsons-111+100+100+100+115
N. Bosa+700+650+600+650+500
A. Donald+1400+1500+1400+1200+1200
M. Garrett+1600+1600+1200+1600+1700
R. Gary+2000+1200+1500+2000+1500
M. Crosby+2500+1500+1600+1600+1500
K. Mack+4000+4000+3000+3000+3300
V. Miller+4000+5000+3000+3000+3000
M. Judon+10000+4000+5000+5000+5000

Bettors aren’t going to find as many outlier numbers across sportsbooks in this market because there’s a clear top-tier of favorites.

With that in mind, props to PointsBet for listing the best odds for Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons – the consensus favorite to win the award by a considerable margin. PointsBet is also trading Cleveland Browns edge rusher Myles Garrett at the highest odds. 

It’s also worth noting that while BetMGM has the shortest number for Parsons, its odds in the rest of the market are favorable, so it’s a solid place to shop if you’re looking to fade the betting favorite.

Otherwise, Caesars, DraftKings and FanDuel sport competitive odds with a few outliers where you can find the best number.

Offensive Rookie of the Year Award Odds

D. Pierce+600+400+500+450+550
C. Olave+500+550+500+600+650
B. Hall+600+550+600+600+450
D. London+800+900+800+850+900
R. Doubs+900+800+800+1000+1000
G. Wilson+1000+1100+1000+1000+1200
K. Pickett+1100+850+800+1400+1200
G. Pickens+1400+1200+1200+1400+1400

This betting market saw tremendous line movement following Week 5, and with rookies lacking the track record of established players, it wouldn’t be surprising to see continued fluidity in the odds for the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award moving forward.

Additionally, there isn't a clear consensus favorite.

New York Jets running back Breece Hall’s price dropped considerably following his Week 5 performance against the Miami Dolphins, and he's now trading among the betting favorites across the board.

It's definitely notable that Hall's line movement didn't significantly boost the odds for any of the other contenders for the award.

While timing is always critical in futures markets during the season, Hall’s odds drop reinforces how important it is for this particular award, and bettors can definitely gain an advantage by having multiple sportsbooks at their disposal to shop for the best number.

Defensive Rookie of the Year Award Odds

D. Lloyd+300+275+300+300+325
A. Gardner+600+550+600+600+500
A. Hutchinson+900+1000+900+900+800
T. Walker+900+1000+900+900+1000
G. Karlaftis+1200+1200+900+1400+1100
K. Thibodeaux+1200+1200+1200+1400+1200
J. Jones+1000+2000+1600+1000+1100
J. PitreOTB+1500+1400+1400+1600
T. Woolen+1400+2000+1400+1400+1200
J. Davis+2000+2500+2500+2500+2200
M. Rodriguez+2500+2500+2500+2500+2200
Q. Walker+2500+2500+2500+2500+2500
J. WatsonOTB+3000+2500+2500+3300
K. Elam+4000+3000+2500+2500+2200
J. Johnson II+2500+2500+2500+5000+2500
D. Stingley Jr.+4000+2500+2000+4000+2500

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Devin Lloyd has established himself as the betting favorite to win this award, but it’s still a competitive market behind him, and the odds are all over the map at the various sportsbooks. 

Additionally, it’s worth noting that New York Jets cornerback Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner’s odds crashed across the board after registering his first interception of the year against the Miami Dolphins in Week 5, which further affirms the volatility in the rookie futures markets.

While PointsBet is offering the best number for Lloyd, it’s also the shortest on Gardner, and Detroit Lions edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson.

Furthermore, a quick peek at the odds list showcases the disparity in available prices and aligns with the importance of timing and having multiple books for this market. 

It’s definitely noteworthy that DraftKings doesn’t offer an outlier high number on a single player in this market, though, so it’s obviously not the best sportsbook to bet on the Defensive Player of the Year Award.

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