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Best NBA Sportsbook Voting: Sports Bettors Poll

Sportsbook Review has created a sports bettors poll for the best NBA sportsbook.

Unlike the traditional top sportsbooks poll, players should cast their votes on their top three sportsbooks they feel are specifically best for betting basketball.

The scoring system will be as follows: 25 points for vote number one, 15 points for vote two, and 10 points for vote three.

Suggested criteria for nominating the best NBA sportsbooks: Wagering limits, NBA specific betting promotions, variety of in-play betting markets for basketball, second half or quarters limits, or any perceived perk associated with betting the NBA.

Votes will be collected through November 2015 and the results will be pinned inside of the NBA forum.

Below are the results of the most recent best sportsbook poll as voted by Sportsbook Review posters:

Posters' Poll Results for Top Sportsbooks
#1 5Dimes 1,105 Pts
#2 Heritage 755 Pts
#3 Pinnacle 685 Pts
#4 Bookmaker 455 Pts
#5 Bet365 240 Pts

Each of the above betting sites are listed in the best sportsbooks list and are in good standing with players.

Players can submit their votes inside of the NBA Basketball betting forum – a free sports betting message board where NBA betting strategies, picks, and wagering theory are discussed by sports bettors and fans alike.