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Apex Sportsbook player paid after six years


Bet33 was initially assessed with a rating of F by Sportsbook Review. Bet33 was upgraded to D- in July of 2009, still occupying a spot on the scam sportsbooks blacklist, after four years without a sportsbook complaint.

Bet33 issued a $3,000 payment to a player in November of 2009 that reported to SBR he had been stiffed by Apex five years ago.

Apex reached out to Sportsbook Review mediator "Justin7" expressing the desire to clear old player complaints. Apex is allegedly not in possession of a master list of unpaid players, and required SBR's assistance to reconnect them with those players.

The recently paid Apex player received $888, minus a $50 transaction fee.

SBR's Bill Dozer addresses Apex Robbie and Bet33 in forum topic, "Thanks SBR, 6 yr old Apex payout'.



SBR's Bill Dozer: Apex is very conservative now. Basically, you had a book owner who said he didn't have $300 a month to pay. He personally told me back then that if he gave away all the money he had on hand while in debt, that he wouldn't have any way to make more money to pay all the players owed. So when assessing risk now, the question is how much could he have made (plus what he might have had) from the 5 year old startup? $2,000 is likely there. Is $200,000 for a couple of 10 teamers? How much is the brand worth to Robbie in the event that he did have it?

In his defense, even people with bad credit get a fresh start after 7 years. Maybe he is a different person. We think Apex and Bet33 are moving toward a low C rating if the last player is paid.

Sportsbook Review staff sat down with the Apex player to discuss his good fortune. You may read the transcript of that interview below.

SBR: Did you ever think you would see your Apex winnings again?

Player: I actually forgot about it till I seen a post by Justin here a few weeks back. I thought it was worth a shot, so I sent him an email. It paid off.

SBR: As you may know, Bet33 is powered by Robbie McPhail, the former Apex Sportsbook operator. What are your feelings about Bet33? Do you have an account there, is it worth the risk for you to open one?

Player: They opened an account for me when I was paid. I will try them out in the coming weeks for a small amount and take it from there.

SBR: Take us through the process of receiving your money six years after the fact. When did SBR contact you, or was it vice-versa?

Player: I seen a post by Justin, I emailed Justin. I didn't remember my account number, but gave him my name and he made contact with Bet33. It was just over 2 weeks and I have money in had. Kudos to SBR.

SBR: How long after speaking with SBR was your money in hand? Did you speak to Apex Robbie personally and did he have anything to say as to why the payout is happening now instead of years ago?

Player: It was roughly 2 weeks and I had money in had. Never spoke to Robby. Not sure who emailed me, but he said I would be paid by Wednesday, if not sooner. Here it is Tuesday and I am paid.

SBR: After being burned by Apex, did you set out to only deposit with sportsbooks above a certain mark in the SBR Ratings Guide? If so, can you share with us what your criteria for choosing a sportsbook is?

Player: I'm a risk taker, I do use the SBR ratings to choose, but also do my own homework on who I will deposit with.