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All Sportsbooks that accept Skrill: 107 Books

Players can find online sportsbooks that offer Skrill as a banking option by using the sportsbook rating guide filter labeled Skrill. 107 active sportsbooks offer Skrill as of this time.

As a reminder, not all countries offer Skrill. Players in Canada for example are unable to enjoy the popular eWallet: As of January the 2nd of 2014, Canadian players have been unable to use Skrill for sports betting transactions.

Players in regions that do not allow Skrill may wish to make use of the bitcoin sportsbooks filter under bank options.

Skrill allows players to upload funds to their accounts using bank wire transfer or credit/debit cards.

Unlike other cashier options, Skrill does not have a maximum on the amount of funds which can be uploaded. Sports bettors who make a large volume of transactions are often eligible for Skrill's loyalty program and benefits, which has overall generated positive forum feedback.

The most consistent knock against the eWallet has been from players who live in regions where the postal delivery service is unreliable; Skrill requires players to verify their address by sending them a unique code that must be entered before cashier limits can be increased and full access enjoyed.

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Skrill serves more than 35 million customers and has a workforce of 700.

Sports bettors with feedback on using Skrill for their sports betting transactions or who spot an error in the Skrill rating guide filter are encouraged to write to Alternatively, players can post in the Sportsbook & Industry forum in the Skrill accepting sportsbooks discussion thread.