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5G Advancing Sports Betting Experience in the US

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Technology in the rapidly expanding US sports betting market is about to hit warp speed. 5G networks have already been launching in various locations across America and are scheduled to be widely available everywhere in the US in 2020. Lightning-quick wireless speeds and network responsiveness on our phones promise big innovation for the big American sports betting scene.

5G allows more devices to be connected at a time and promises to reduce latency, leading to fans staying on their phones for a longer period of time and wagering while they watch. 5G will pave the way for fans to live stream games on their phones while simultaneously making mobile bets and in-game live wagers, whether it is in the comfort of their own home or at the packed 80,000 stadium where their favorite team plays.

The rush to take advantage

Huge mobile broadband carriers in the US such as Verizon and AT&T have started investing in sports betting companies with the eyes on the 5G/online gambling prize.

Verizon back in October formed a partnership with MGM Resorts International which served to link the Verizon-owned Yahoo Sports app with the BetMGM sports betting platform. AT&T, owner of Bleacher Report, teamed up with Caesars Entertainment earlier this year to bring us sports betting related content including videos and a new sports-betting TV show.

Pro sports arenas, stadiums, and other sports venues already welcome sports betting and its advertising, so higher internet speeds and increased betting opportunities are an obvious step forward.

What 5G offers fans

First of all, having the most up-to-date odds anywhere, anytime and uninterrupted is a huge boon for the average gambler. So is the ability to place live in-game wagers while sitting in the stands at their favorite sporting event. Prop bets have always been a favorite of the average fan and will be more readily available and easier to bet on for fans watching live on TV or in person.

Overall, it’s better access for the most up-to-date odds, the ability to easily connect and stay connected to a wireless network and the ability to place live in-game wagers anywhere, anytime that is what will set the 5G sports betting experience apart.

What 5G offers sportsbooks

For sportsbooks, it is all about traffic and the amount of time people spend on their site. 5G networks will be able to quickly drive traffic and keep bettors engaged with improved graphics and the most current betting opportunities going. The enhancement of Fantasy Leagues in the 5G era also promises to upgrade the bettors' overall experience and help sportsbooks reach more bettors.

Simply put, the easier it is to connect and the longer that bettors stay connected to a sportsbook, the better apt they will be to throw down a wager or two while there. Studies have also shown that retention rates among gamblers attracted by 5G are bound to be higher, leading to more bets and ultimately higher profits.

What 5G could offer the bottom line for individual states

The simple answer is tax revenue. The more that is wagered, the more tax revenue that is generated. The more tax revenue generated, the more funds for government programs, from infrastructure to education and everything in between.

The bottom line

5G is about to expose online gambling companies to a much larger and varied demographic. The one hurdle facing the 5G rollout is the fact that bettors will have to own a device that supports the 5G network meaning that new cell phones will be necessary. That said, it is reasonable to expect 5G to reach its max effectiveness in 3 years which is about the shelf-life of most cell phones in the US.

5G is the future of sports gambling. Look for it to seriously enhances the overall mobile wagering experience for new and veteran sports bettors alike and ultimately drive what has the potential to be the biggest sports betting market in the world.