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5Dimes Adds Do-It-Yourself Bet Builder: SBR Posters React


Have you ever expected Steph Curry and Klay Thompson to combine for more than 55 points? How about predicting that Demarcus Cousins will record more Rebounds than Dwight Howard even though they are not playing against each other?

Earlier this week 5Dimes Sportsbook released a new do-it-yourself player prop builder. Users can build totally custom prop bets on American sports across a wide range of categories. SBR Forum posters are presently discussing the feature and sharing their feedback on creating their own prop betting options.

Do-It-Yourself Bet Builder
Users first start by selecting the sport, the player or players involved and the matchup. Once selected, users are given the option to bet on a specific player’s statistical performance. The tool also allows the option to select multiple players to either pit against each other in a head-to-head matchup or team up for a collective total.

Screenshots displayed on 5Dimes show a few examples of the kind of options players will now be able to add to their betting slips.

Options include:

  • Players in the same or separate games to combine for a total over or under a specific number.
  • A single player to record more points/assists/rebounds than another player.

For basketball matches, dropdown menus allow you to select the specific stat which you wish to compare, including 3point shots made, rebounds, assists and blocked shots. The options adjust to fit statistical numbers used in each particular sport.

Head over the posting forum to follow the discussion on the prop builder feature.