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5 Online Sportsbooks to Avoid come football season


The below online sportsbooks are the top 5 worst betting sites to avoid come NFL season. Read below to find out why.

5. GR88 (SBR rating D)
GR88 intentionally slow-paid a player's £1,977 payout until SBR agreed to publicly report that the betting site would pay the user. The player blasted the sportsbook via Twitter before filing a complaint with SBR after feeling he was getting the runaround; he was paid the first of two installments but the sportsbook hit the gas after realizing its negative publicity and asked SBR report the player would be paid before it actually paid him, making GR88 a sportsbook which has its priorities backwards and a betting site to steer clear of.

4. (SBR rating D-) has refused to pay a winning NHL prop bet from two seasons ago. A player is still owed $1,000. The online sportsbook claims the player's max wager amount was limited for proposition bets, although this limit was never communicated to him or otherwise made clear. The player had no knowledge of such a wagering limit or reasonable way to infer that his mere $300 risked bet was in circumvention of the risk management's wishes for his playing style. An unpaid wager amounts to a scam in today's industry, and as a result of the case – barring a complete payment of the ticket – the betting site should be avoided as there is no telling what winning bet they might refuse to honor next.

3. BetMayor (SBR rating F)
Sportsbook Review reported on BetMayor's refusal to honor $51,000 in casino winnings from a player that was accused of being a professional at DGS blackjack – a game which reshuffles after every hand and makes card counting impossible and the accusation all the more dubious. BetMayor has since allegedly underwent an ownership change though the complaint remains outstanding and it is unclear when players with outstanding balances will be paid.

2. Oddsmaker (SBR rating F)
Oddsmaker Sportsbook has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players to date. Oddsmaker refers to these players as non-recreational (code word for winning) and has made no excuses for what amounts to straight up theft. The betting site believes players who beat them are wise guys and do not deserve to be paid their legitimate winnings. Oddsmaker is one of the outright worst sportsbooks on the market. No free bonus mailer is worth getting entangled with this sportsbook.

1. (SBR rating D-)
The sports betting website takes the cake as the clear worst possible choice for a sports bettor to entertain when making NFL and NCAAF wagers. The slow-pay site has falsely created the appearance of being a reputable betting company by investing many thousands of dollars into clever marketing programs, but has actually fell deep into player debt in recent months, with late on over $220,000 worth of withdrawals.

Sportsbook Review has reported extensively on the slow pays, which date back to February 1st of this year. A manager at has been unhelpful with providing assistance on the outstanding player complaints. In addition to these complaints, scammed a winning player out of $156,000 worth of "correlated" parlays that the software accepted normally and which all had action.

All of the above sports betting sites are on the scam sportsbook blacklist. Players looking to find honorable sportsbooks should review the best sportsbooks list.