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Pointbet customer service feedback


Pointbet (SBR rating D+) customer service continues to disappoint.
Players report emails going unreturned and unmanned live chat service. Phone service is not offered. A lack of English-speaking clerks has long been a problem for many SBR readers. SBR has received an increase in negative feedback from Asian players as of late.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Futurebet slow-pay sportsbook Topbet (SBR rating D-) back online. Players are once again submitting payout complaints.

Bet365 players complain of inadequate rule change notifications


Bet365 (SBR rating A+) players complain of inadequate rule change notification. SBR has received three complaints from users who say they were unaware of recent rule changes that were the difference between winning and losing wagers. Bet365 changed their wagering rules, making overtime in all basketball leagues count for over-under wagers. Most Bet365 users are likely finding out about rule change when their bet on a game that went into overtime is graded.
Beginning January 1st, 2007, all sportsbooks on SBR’s Top Sportsbook List will be required to offer a ’policy updates’ log or another method of alerting players of policy changes.
Player: "European basketball has never counted overtime! How am i supposed to know?? Should I refresh the rules page along with the odds?? At least Pinnacle announces the new rule at top of main page and other book will email you. If Bet 365 would highlight all rule changes for that month it would at least be reasonable to scan over a book of rules. This is crap".

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Internet1x2 (SBR rating D-) finishes majority of payment plans on delinquent bettor accounts. Management has agreed to notify players via the site’s terms and conditions that the weekly maximum withdrawal may be limited to $2,500. Players with a 1x2 issue or feedback are asked to write to SBR.

Expekt upgraded from C- to C

Expekt raised from C- to C. Improved customer service in 2006 and a willingness to take responsibility for sportsbook errors, earn Expekt its first upgrade.

Former World Gaming licensees downgraded to D-


One-time B- rated sportsbook, has been lowered to D- along with Both sportsbooks were hosted and serviced by the Sportingbet offices in Costa Rica while holding a licensing agreement and domain name leasing contract with World Gaming Plc. BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) parent company, Empire Entertainment Ltd. has purchased the World Gambling service contracts. These sites are expected to be managed by BetOnUSA and its staff in the near future. Players are advised to redeem balances at this time.

SportsInteraction, Swiftpay update


SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) responds to reports on Swiftpay processing issue
Management: Sports interaction would like to advise you and your readers that the issues with Swiftpay have been cleared up and all affected customers have had their payouts processed through normal ACH processing and not as wire transfers as erroneously stated in the article. As well, the Swiftpay issues affected only a handful of transactions and had no impact on the tens of thousands of other customers who use the other withdrawal methods that Sports Interaction offers to its customers.

SIA users who have not had their Swiftpay payment sent through other means should write to SBR with withdrawal and account information.

BetButler players - write to SBR


BetButler (SBR rating F) users who have not had their full balances transferred to Danbook (not rated) should write to SBR or Danbook with account information. Due to BetButler accounting errors, Danbook has not automatically credited all players. BetButler bettors who were successfully moved to Danbook have submitted positive feedback.

BetPlatinum player reports slow-pay


BetPlatinum (SBR rating D+) player reports slow-pay. The bettor tells SBR that after waiting three days for his Neteller payment, he was sent only $1500 of the $2500 requested.  Platinum has a history of falling behind on withdrawals, but recently told SBR that theses issues have been addressed by its new management. Platinum is expected to update SBR on the status of the remaining funds tomorrow.

SuperiorBook (SBR rating D+) attempts to scare players away from current sportsbook


SBR has received many complaints from readers about Superiorbook, a turnkey site from BetEmpire (SBR rating C-), regarding an unprecedented amount of spam. The latest batch of email sent to customer lists claim that VIP (SBR rating A+) has closed and players should now join the safer Superiorbook. This prompted the recently privatized VIP to send an email to it’s users stating:
"It has come to our attention that emails containing false information about our company are being circulated. is now under private ownership and the company is secure and successful as always. We will continue offering the same great products and services that you have come to expect from – now and in the future. will always communicate with you from a email address, we will never ask for your username or password by email, and you can always call us at 1-800-300-BETS if you ever have any questions about our company."
This is not the first time the group has resorted to underhanded marketing tactics. Earlier this year Empire blamed third party marketing for sending emails containing fake links for well-known sportsbooks that lead to

SBR Bill Dozer reports:


Three Betway (SBR rating C) players report that the sportsbook has altered odds of pending wagers. As per Betway’s rule #2, the book "reserves the right to cancel any bet made on an obviously "bad" line or a wager made after an event has started." The sportsbook’s rules do not reference adjusting lines without the consent of the player. SBR has contacted the sportsbook about crediting these clients and defining its policy on the altering of accepted bets.

Betcorp sale pending shareholder approval


Betcorp sale of Tasman Gaming Inc. and WWTS (SBR rating C-) to Bodog (SBR rating A+) now pending shareholder approval.
Shareholders are scheduled to approve the sale of Betcorp subsidiary, Tasman Gaming, which encompasses all of the group’s US-serving gaming brands, on November 15th. Betcorp CEO tells SBR that they were required to give shareholders three weeks notice before the meeting. This means player funds will remain frozen until the transfer is complete. Bodog will acquire Tasman for $9 million, with $3 million cash due at the time of transfer and four subsequent payments of $1.5 million each.

SportsInteraction blames slow-pay issues on Swiftpay


SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) blaming slow-pay issues on problems with its Swiftpay transfer service. Clients have been informed that withdrawals sent through Swiftpay have been reprocessed as standard bank wires. Affected players can expect to wait an additional week for their funds. Players are advised to avoid SIA while the book attempts to become current with all players.

WWTS may reopen this weekend


WWTS (SBR rating C-) may reopen this weekend
SBR has confirmed that Betcorp aims to complete a deal to sell its sportsbook properties to an A+ rated gaming company. Despite reports that the deal has been completed, sources tell SBR that an agreement has not yet been finalized, but both parties are optimistic. Betcorp froze accounts belonging to US citizens on October 13th.

BetEd to pay player $1674


BetEd (SBR rating C) agrees to pay player $1674 after initially confiscating half of winnings. The sportsbook claims that the player "took a shot" at them by continuing to play soccer line moves despite repeatedly being warned not to do so. BetEd management agrees that the correct course of action should have been to remove the player without retroactively debiting his account. BetEd states that the player will be paid the remainder of his winnings today.

Pro-capper/Western Union Sportsbook scam hits again


The con artists, previously behind CypressSportsbook (SBR rating F-), CreditSportsbook (SBR rating F-) and LasVegasSportsbookDK (SBR rating F-), are back as SportsbookPayer (SBR rating F-). The scam follows the same course. A tout, this time from, establishes a relationship with gamblers before referring his new clients to a sportsbook. The so-called sportsbook is established for the sole purpose of facilitating the con. The tout then promises players betting credit or the ability to invest in syndicate guaranteed plays. Players are eventually asked to Western Union funds to Poland. History suggests will be off-line shortly and the handicapper phone numbers will soon be disconnected. All of the victims were asked to Western Union their funds to a Yosef Levine in Poland. View past reports on these conmen.

BetUS credits player for teaser loss


BetUs (SBR rating D) credits player for teaser loss after scam attempt fails. Thanks to SBR readers who have contacted BetUs and BetUs promoters to voice their disfavor.

"Dear Mr. Dozer, They gave me the other $100 and i cashed it out immediately. They originally gave me a $100 free bet which I used some of, and so I was actually fair about it when they asked me what it would take to end it all. I would like to thank you for your help and I really appreciate it. Please don’t get confused with them giving back my cash to them being legit however. The only reason they gave me back my money is because of your help and I was smarter than them in catching there lies and using those lies against them."

SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) players request funds; sportsbook stalls for time.


SIA admits to being one week behind with some larger payouts. The book has dealt with the issue by asking players to verify ID and to fax in the same documents multiple times. SBR has received nine payout complaints from players waiting for larger sums. When these clients have asked for the status of their payouts, accounting informs them that the documents are either not on file, not yet verified, or they must resend. 

"They first claimed they never got my fax...then I faxed it to them and they said they got it, and still they won’t do anything. I have sent it twice, they have verified that they received it, and still they do nothing". - N. A.

"The last correspondance received from SIA was October 5th.  They claim to be making a short review of my account.  A week seems a little more than short". - B. N.

"They suddenly asked for my SSN for so called ’’identity verification’’ purpose.  After complaining with them, they are willing to accept photo ID, utility bill, etc as an alternative. That’s fine, and I sent them all the required documents on Oct 3rd. And confirmed with their live chat rep that documents have been received and forwarded to their accounts department for review. But after a whole week, I still have not heard of anything back from their accounts department. I talked with their live chat rep a couple of times, and heard some different kinds of excuse , documents not received, huge backlog, documents goes to supervisor first then to accounts department". - B.Z.

Sportingbet Plc partially reverses decision to cancel winning bets

After Sportingbet Plc severed itself from its US-serving brands, complaints began to flood the SBR mailbox. Non-US players in the newly sold sportsbooks were told that all pending bets would be canceled. This was due to the new company, Jazette Enterprises Limited’s noncompete agreement with Sportingbet Plc. Jazette (JEL) agreed not to service non-US players and to steer its international players back to the Plc’s remaining non-US serving sportsbooks. Fortunately, Non-US players were contacted this evening and told their accounts would be maintained and transferred to a different sportsbook. However, JEL decided to acknowledge specific US State laws and discontinue servicing players where they apply. and its sister sites have told players living in the offending states that they will not be paid their impending winnings. SBR will discuss the remaining complaints with individual property managers/owners. Players with canceled winning wagers or canceled wagers that have gained market value should contact SBR.

Betcorp Freezes all US accounts

The Betcorp Group, which includes WWTS (SBR rating C-) has frozen all accounts belonging to US residents indefinitely. SBR has learned that the company has taken this action in order to facilitate a sale that would put the sportsbooks under private ownership. Players can expect to be locked out of their accounts at the start of the business week.

BetButler (SBR rating F) players told balances will be moved to Danbook (not rated).

After nearly a month without communicating with players, posts statement that all balances will be moved to Danbook. Danbook opened in February of 2005 as a reduced vig bookmaker. SBR does not have further information about this sportsbook.

BetButler Website: From 22-09-2006 you will no longer be able to play at is vital to say, that all player accounts will stay intact and your money is secure.All account will from 12th oct and within 7 days be taken over by, where your money also will be placed on a secured client account, and you can withdraw at any time. There will be a few accounts, that for technical reasons not will be transfered. If you have a Betbutler account and do not receive an e-mail from Danbook within the next 2 weeks, you can contact to hear how you claim you money.