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BetMania downgraded to C-

BetMania downgraded from C to C- after multiple slow-pay complaints by Canadian players. BetMania offers Neteller to non-US clients but has limited users to one withdrawal per two week period. Two players report receiving less than the biweekly $2500 maximum requested.

ActionBets now operated by BetEagle


ActionBets (SBR rating D-) now operated by BetEagle (SBR rating C-) which is part of Eagle Data Processing (Eagledp). Due to the financial processing void left by Neteller, many small and medium-sized sportsbooks and online betting sites have opted to allow third party services or larger sportsbooks to service remaining players.

Bet365 live betting dispute hits SBR mailbox


Bet365 (SBR rating A-) live betting sticks another player with losing wager he did not place. The bettor wagered on a spread Bet365 labeled as an obvious erroneous line. Instead of canceling the wager or altering the price, Bet365 changed the line to what they said the spread should have been before the bet making the would-be winning bet a $500 loser. Bet365 is currently addressing a similar live betting complaint and will be reevaluated based on the outcome of these uncharacteristic issues.

InterXgaming enters SBR rating guide at D-

InterXgaming, a sister site of SportsbookUSA (SBR rating D-), enters the SBR rating guide at D-. InterX is advertising a new sportsbook, casino and poker site while SportsbookUSA is currently addressing no-pay complaints.

Betting exchange-style sportsbook BetBug closes


BetBug (SBR rating C+) is owned by Trident Gaming, which sold Gamebookers (SBR rating B-) to PartyGaming in August of last year. Despite innovative download-required software and a 2006 marketing campaign, BetBug was unable to capture targeted U.S. business and compete with exhange-style books, Mansion and Matchbook. While we continue to believe that BetBug’s true peer-to-peer software does abide by all major Federal gaming laws in the United States, the current legal environment seriously deters our chances of success. We hope to be able to reintroduce the software to the public at a later date.

BetWorks to launch new web platform

BetWorks (SBR rating C+) to launch new web platform in 10 days. The Australian-based sportsbook has been off-line since October of 2003 when it settled all player accounts and ceased operating. Euraust, formerly the bookmaker’s parent company, has since sold Betworks to an Asian investment group. The site quietly came back online in 2006 planning to relaunch with a focus on soccer. Betworks is a small bookmaker that remains located and regulated in Australia.

Neteller Releases Statement Regarding U.S. client Funds


Neteller confirms reports that funds in the process of being transferred to U.S.-based users have been "seized." The amount is believed it be no more than $55 million USD. Neteller states that is it is working with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York  in an effort to settle U.S. client accounts. Neteller Feb. 8 Press Release

SBR Posting forum maintenance notice

SBR Posting Forum Maintenance Notice: The posting forum will be off-line Thursday morning, Feb 8 beginning at 6:00 am CST until approximately 8:00 am CST for server maintenance.

Worldbet receives two no-pay complaints

Soccer-focused sportsbook, Worldbet (SBR rating D-) is the source of two no-pay complaints in past week. Other recent complaints include the confiscation of winnings and a lack of replies to customer service inquiries.
Player: I have a payout problem with Worldbet. On Jan-04 I made a withdrawal request of $7,000 via Bank transfer. I received auto-message asking for Bank details confirmation and I did it. My request was registered as “worldBet Payment Request (266)”. Till now this request is with status “not placed”. In last weeks I sent to Worldbet few emails asking to check what happened with my withdrawal request. I sent the e-mails to support and billing and via their internal message system too. I haven’t answer from this company. I’m worried about this situation and hope that you can help me.

Pointbet tries to con players into gambling their funds

Pointbet (SBR rating D-) tells multiple players they will receive payment faster if they wager with balances; ignore order of request. No-pay reports continue to reach new highs.

Excerpt from Pointbet Chat:
Pointbet: we suggest you to keep play with us, so you will be in active member list
Player: I have been playing with you for 3 years.
Player: So I have been very active always.
Player: Will it matter for my w/d if I don’t wager until I receive the funds?
Pointbet: there is no matter with the withdraw sir, for sure you will get the fund too
Pointbet: but it will takes a longer time
Player: Could you please explain why that is so
Pointbet: because we make a priority
Pointbet: the active member withdraw will be process first
Player: Please check if I am on the active player list
Pointbet: i have checked that you are not in the active player sir
Pointbet: because you don;t play with us any

The importance of line shopping

02.03.2007 shows the Super Bowl XLI line offered at 6.5 and 7. Currently BetCascade (SBR rating B) is hanging the best line on the Indianapolis Colts at -6.5 -105 while Bears backers are hoping to see oddsmakers move to 7.5 before game time. ThePIG (SBR rating A-) is currently giving the Chicago Bears the +7 at -110.

Expekt (SBR rating B-) earns 2nd upgrade in four months


SBR has reevaluated Expekt after an increase in positive feedback in recent months, some of which suggesting the SBR rating was too low. Player inquiries to SBR have been addressed swiftly by the bookmaker’s Trading Director, Jon Thompson. Expekt users are invited to continue to submit feedback to SBR.

Player: I recently misplaced a wager on a soccer match with this bookmaker. I inadvertently played a three way handicap when i thought i was playing a true asian. I backed a team to win 1-0 and they lost 0-1. When my bet was not refunded as a push i contacted Expekt complaining of their error. Within 24hrs the manager called me personally to resolve this issue. Not only did he take the time to call but when he did he had already reviewed the screen shots for the bet concerned and when i tried to argue that it was their mistake he politely re-assured me that in fact i had taken the wrong type of wager.
The gentleman then offered to refund half my wager as a goodwill gesture as i think he could sense my sincerity in the matter concerned and that i truly believed i was placing an asian. To me this was something that has endeared this bookmaker to me and goes well beyond any kind of service i have ever encountered.

Neteller cuts off remaining withdrawal options for U.S. citizens.


Six days after the Neteller debit card service was discontinued, U.S. users find they are unable to transfer to peers in other countries. Non-U.S. users currently have the ability to move funds normally. Neteller’s FAQ page was updated today.

Why can’t I perform Peer-to-Peer transfers anymore?
In order to ensure that US members do not use NETELLER with the intent to gamble online, NETELLER is no longer offering its Peer-to-Peer service in the US.

Although Neteller assures players that funds are safe and will be paid after an undisclosed period of time, large balance holders are aggressively pursuing the use of non-US bank accounts to withdraw funds.

BetOnUSA and sister books acquired by Jazette Enterprises Ltd.

BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) and sister books acquired by Jazette Enterprises Limited (D+ rated Sportsbook management tells SBR the BetOnUSA Group (Empire Entertainment Ltd) was purchased last month. All customer service and accounting is now directed to the Sportsbook building in Costa Rica. The purchase brings (SBR rating D-) back to the company and gives Jazette ownership of the World Gaming software code.
JEL states that it will look into no-pay claims against BetOnUSA, including the latest from a player waiting four months for $1,000.16. JEL sportsbooks also have their own no-pay complaints pending. During the migration of SportingbetUSA (SBR rating D+) last October to Jel-owned SuperBook (SBR rating D+) some accounts, balances and pending wagers were lost.

Question from the SBR mailbag

SBR Mailbag:
Paul: I have been sollicited by but cannot find any information about them on your website. Did you ever hear about them? SBR’s opinion being indispensable for me before I invest money with any sportsbook. Thank you for your good work.

The MoneyBets website claims that the book is part of a licensed company in Belize but the servers, accounting and customer support is in Vancouver, Canada. MoneyBets is part of the slow-paying Futurebet Group and should be avoided. Thanks Paul.

SBR Scam alert on SportsbookAction24


Scam Alert: Poland-based scammers launch new deposit-only "sportsbook" SportsbookAction24. Seven days after the group’s (labeled as Cypress in the SBR rating guide) previous scam site ExecutiveSportsbookdr went off-line, players have asked about SBA24. The book is online solely to accept Western Union deposits, likely sent to Poland. The website will disappear in a matter of months with the victims’ funds.

WagerWeb change


Wagerweb (SBR rating B-) no longer accepting new registrations from U.S.-based players. Wagerweb will continue to service current U.S. clients.

5PercentJuice - rating coverage initiated at F.


5PercentJuice - rating coverage initiated at F. This sportsbook is part of Interactive Gaming Systems, a turnkey partner known for hosting books that have disappeared with player funds. Also entering the rating guide and the SBR BlackList today is NFLBettingPick (SBR rating D-), a sportsbook from slow-pay operation Futurebet.

Bodog (SBR rating A+) to stop applying reload bonuses as of Monday


For over four years Bodog was known as the only sportsbook to automatically credit a 10% or 20% bonus to every deposit. The sportsbook cites an increase in payment processing costs, after the most cost effective money transferring services left the US market, for prompting the change. Bodog states that all deposits and withdrawals will continue to be free.

Pointbet lowered to D-

Pointbet drops to D-. Players from around the world are reporting failed promises to pay on a daily basis. Some report having made their payout request over two months ago. The sportsbook is now telling users they must continue to wait but have not committed to a date or provided an excuse for not paying. Pointbet blames a recent earthquake in the region for intermittent website downtime over the past two weeks.

Player: You can add my name to the lsit of people who are owedd money by point bet They owe me $7500 for a couple of weeks. There website has been down all week. Have they disappeared? Do you know if anyone else has been paid?

Neteller US' electronic funds transfers delayed


The e-wallet is currently telling players they must wait 4 to 6 weeks for EFTs. Sportsbooks with Neteller merchant accounts have also been told they must wait a minimum of 4 weeks to redeem their funds in full. Neteller is encouraging U.S. residents who hold a Neteller debit card to withdraw the daily limit. Players report the payout method is currently functioning normally.

01.26.2007 Update: Third party debit card provider no longer servicing Neteller. Neteller’s website states: NETELLER is currently unable to transact with USD bank accounts, regardless of the location of the member. Neteller says it is working on the issue. Some account holders are attempting to transfer their funds from Neteller to non USD bank accounts or merchants.