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BetMania cancels winning wager


The player was allowed to place online wagers on opposing teams. After the event was over the bettor was informed that the winning wagers, the second set of bets, were canceled because of an unlisted rule. The player is told that the sportsbook does not allow middle attempts. However, BetMania has allowed players to buy back a position when the odds do not move in the bettor's favor. SBR will contact the sportsbook on player's behalf.

Player: Yesterday afternoon I placed two arena football wagers, NY +1.5 and Grand Rapids +12 at $250 each. Both won last night, but I awoke this morning to find out they were cancelled. The reason stated was that Betmania does not permit middling and I had bet the other side of these games two days earlier. Well, no where does it state in their rules about this absurd restriction, but Victor (wager manager) claims it is an "unwritten rule" (what?). He also says that the bets were cancelled before the games went off which I have no way of knowing if it's true. Fact is I could have made my offsets at Betjamaica and Skybook at that exact same lines, had I known about this apparent rule. Bottom line is that these were legit bets, not error lines, so they should stand. As such, Betmania owes me $500, and I am asking your help in getting it. Victor refuses to budge on this matter, and he is so wrong.

Latest e-mail response times in

Email Response Test: April Results Posted
Sports bettor "Luke Hassler" pitched six baseball questions to sportsbooks he was thinking about playing with. See how 12 sportsbooks fared here.

Note: Player accounts were created to give sportsbook management the opportunity to follow up on email performance and are listed with each test result. Sportsbooks are welcome to request additional information.


I-Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) defects from Jazette Enterprises Limited ( Group); players still unpaid. Turnkey Sportsbook, left JEL, which has been unable to pay players for over two months, on the 15th of April for the Futurebet Gaming Network. Although many Futurebet white label sportsbooks are able to pay their players, I-Sportsbook client funds appear to be in limbo between the two hosting operators. The new version of claims it does not have player balances from when the site was hosted on the servers. The situation illustrates the added liability in playing with turnkey properties and why most are rated significantly lower than operator-owned flagship brands.

BetCascade unable to pay players

BetCascade (SBR rating D-) debt to players increases
The sportsbook, which had told players it expected to be able to process withdrawals on Wednesday, remains unable to pay. Although Cascade ownership maintains that players will be paid there is no foreseeable date where it will be able to do so. No-Pay complaints reported to SBR, which date back to the end of March, are now estimated to total over $300,000.

Top On-Line Sportsbook poll at SBR Forum

SBRforum posters to create Top Sportsbook list
All forum members are invited to cast their vote for the Top Online Sportsbooks. The posting board’s collective opinion will be represented at the top of the SBR Forum. To read details and cast your vote: click here.

Neteller cancels debit card services

The e-wallet, which stopped offering its debit card to US citizens on 1/26/07, is canceling the debit card for all users. An email sent to some customers states that clients will have until May 2nd to unload their debit card balance, either through point-of-purchase locations, ATM withdrawals, or by moving the funds back to the client's Neteller account. Funds can no longer be moved to the card as of today. Neteller's website has not yet been updated and still promotes the card as the "fastest way to withdraw funds."

Bets4All no-pay complaints

Bets4All (SBR rating F) claims new victims
The Austrian bookmaker was the subject of four no-pay complaints this month. Bets4All continues to try to wear players down so they will eventually give up pursuing their funds. One player reports initiating legal action against the sportsbook.
Player: I'd like to report a problem with this book. I requested a payout 4 weeks ago. They debited the amount from my account but did not make the payment. They have completely ignored the many emails I have sent them. On the telephone they say the person I need to speak to is not in the office but he will call me back - which he doesn't. One person I spoke to said they would not be making the payout and refused to give any reason. I asked his name, which he gave me. When I called again, the office said there was no person there by that name. I have called over twenty times, but they just play the same kind of games with me.

Bombabet cancels winning bet one day later

Bombabet (SBR rating D-) ignores latest complaint of canceled winning wager. The bookmaker deleted the $1000 winner the day after the event and has been unwilling to justify the action to the player who has called and sent numerous emails.

Bodog processing time extended

Bodog Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) check processing time extended to three weeks in some cases and as much as ten days for person to person transfers. Management tells SBR it expects processing time to be shortened as transfer volume decreases in baseball season and more processing options are added.

GamblingDogLine enters SBR Guide at F

GamblingDogLine, a new sportsbook from BetBones (SBR rating F) ownership, enters the SBR rating guide at F. The book closed down some of its websites last year after "investors pulled out" and was unable to pay employees.

BestLine Sports acquired BetOnLine

BestLine Sports (SBR rating B+) officially announces acquisition of BetOnline (SBR rating B). BetOnline players should not experience any migration down time as the site is already moved to the BestLine server in Panama. BLS plans to utilize the highly brandable URL in new marketing campaigns. BetOnline was formerly located in Oficentro in San Jose, Costa Rica.

BetUs withdrawal complaints

BetUs (SBR rating D) players waiting two months for payment
BetUs payout complaints are similar to the (SBR rating D+) withdrawal issues on a much smaller scale. SBR has received 29 BetUs withdrawal complaints since mid-February of which four have been resolved. BetUs appears to be attempting to buy time by telling the majority of these individuals that they have entered incorrect banking details and must resubmit their payout request. Two others reported that their bonus roll-over requirement has been increased after initially having been met. BetUs tells SBR that they, like many betting sites, are experiencing issues with third party processors. The book states that many of these issues have been addressed and users who have been waiting nearly two months should receive funds shortly. SBR will continue to monitor payouts from the BetUs family (D rated SportsGamblingOmni, BetUs and BetReduction) of books.

BetCascade payments confirmed

Three BetCascade (SBR rating D) players confirm payment via check. This marks first confirmed withdrawal in over two weeks. Over $150,000 in reported payout requests remain pending.

04.12.2007 Group continues to struggle with processing
After nearly two months without a financial processing service, (SBR rating D+) was able to process some withdrawals, mostly by bank wire, at the end of March. Since then, SBR has received over 100 emails from additional slow-paid players. Management tells SBR that bank wires are no longer the optimal method due to volume restrictions from the processor, and that it plans to add a second wire provider within two weeks. While checks are currently the better option, the book is unable to reduce the amount of past-due withdrawals as word of the problems continue to spread prompting more cashout requests.  SBR is told the Jazette Group plans to send all players an email on behalf of management tonight in an attempt to reassure its users.

RealVegasCasino enters SBR Rating Guide at F

RealVegasCasino listed at F in the SBR rating guide as part of the Apex Group. The former owner of Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F-), now going by the name Zach as the current owner of such books as Bet33 (SBR rating F)  and Totalbets (SBR rating F), recently contacted SBR to inquire about a new rating and settling debts to Apex players. There has been no response to balance information provided two weeks ago.

SBR expands Reduced Vig Sportsbooks list


SBR expands list of Best Reduced Vig Sportsbooks to seven
Players can see which sports odds come at a discounted price and the maximum wager amount accepted. New additions to the list include 5Dimes (SBR rating A), which recently began offering most odds on a -105 lineset, and ThePig (SBR rating A-), a bookmaker from LegendzSports that offers 20% discounted juice on basketball and football. View chart

Worldbet Slow-pay complaint

Worldbet (SBR rating D-) bettor reports resolution of slow-pay complaint. The £1400 payout was originally requesting in February via Moneybookers. SBR will attempt to discuss other recent complaints with Worldbet management. Worldbet blames spam filters for email communication problems.

Screen Shot Toolbar

SBR "Screen Shot" Toolbar beta testers needed
SBR is looking for Internet Explorer browser users who are interested in testing this toolbar. Users will be asked for detailed feedback and to report on the functionality of the navigation, quick-find browsing, and  automatic screen grab and store features. The program is free of adware and does not collect user data. Email SBR.

5/03/07 Update: Download SBR Screenshot Toolbar beta HERE

Sportsbooks report player attempting to impersonate SBR staff

Sportsbooks, as well as players, are always welcome to verify contact with SBR by calling SportsBookReview's office at 830-255-4677 or by email. The latest instance of a player falsely claiming affiliation to SBR comes from a Mr. Thomas K. who impersonated a staff member in order to have his wagering account re-enabled after being banned for using inappropriate language with phone clerks. The same individual has also conned inexperienced sportsbooks into granting him a line of credit with no intention of paying. Anyone applying for credit, claiming to be associated with, employed by or vouched for by SBR is attempting fraud.

BetCascade payout complaints mounting

BetCascade (SBR rating D) payout complaints mount; book fails to meet latest self-set deadline. Cascade, which has blamed a variety of processing issues for withdrawal delays, is unable to pay due to lack of funds. There is currently no timetable set for when payments may resume or information regarding how Cascade plans to address its debt. Users are hopeful that the book will be able to partner with an existing operation as it has done in the past, although it is unlikely due to Cascade's volatile bookmaking style. Bettors should ignore all sales calls and bonus offers at this time.

New 3Vig (SBR rating F-) complaints filed

Two 3Vig players report being locked out of funded accounts. The sportsbook's live chat is no longer online and email is unresponsive. 3Vig, which admitted to players it did not have their funds, is still accepting new players and offering a 30% signup bonus. Upon logging in, players are prompted to use the banking page to execute a Neteller deposit.