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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SportsCallCenter F.A. facilitates scam

SportsCallCenter F.A. refuses to assist scammed player. SportsCallCenter F.A. claims it has nothing to do with scam operation Palacebet (SBR rating F) saying it only services the website. However, Placebet is hosted on SportsCallCenter F.A. servers, uses SportsCallCenter F.A. clerks and handles all financial transactions for the "sportsbook owner." The player as well as SBR has contacted SportsCallCenter F.A. management verifying they are aware of the situation and asking for assistance in recovering the player's deposit, which SportsCallCenter F.A. had picked up via Western Union. Management refused to refund the user's deposit claiming the player must speak to the off-site third party that referred him.

Former Betcorp White Label, AcesAce downgraded from C- to D-. All Betcorp sportsbook accounts were taken over by Bodog Sportsbook (SBR rating A) last November. The website owner has since moved the book to problem sportsbook operator, Futurebet.

Wager123 Sportsbook should be avoided

Player reports solicitation from Wager123 (SBR rating F). Wager123 is run by the same operation that owned defunct sportsbooks, BringMeVegas (SBR rating F) and AnyTimeWager (SBR rating F).

Player vs. WagerWeb (SBR rating B-): Multiple Account Dispute
SBR Mediator, Justin concludes review of multiple account dispute. SBR reviewed the player's wagering activity, the sportsbook's terms and conditions and the action taken against the player.

The player and Wagerweb agree to most of the facts. The player deposited $5000, and collected a $1000 cash bonus, in addition to a $1500 free play bonus (which lost). The player placed a series of bets over a week, meeting his rollover and running his balance up to $11,793. The player asked for a withdrawal, and the book refused, claiming the player abused bonuses, and would have lost his entire deposit but for the bonus.

Full Report: Player vs. WagerWeb


Playing24Hours (SBR rating F) refutes SBR report despite evidence; claims it is under new management. The sportsbook continues to call players offering large bonuses while using slow-moving lines. Players are strongly advised to pass on these too-good-to-be-true offers.

Playing24Hours: Playing24hours is former play24hours, under a new management thats why the partnertship that own this company, decide to change the name of the company, we use to offer our customers a 100% bonus with an 11 time rollover now we are offering a 50% bonus with a 7 time rollover so that means that we are not offering higher bonuses as you write in your review about us.

Soccer sportsbook, Internet1x2 exits SBR Blacklist

Internet1x2 upgraded from D to D+. The sportsbook has avoided serious payout complaints for nearly five months and remains in good standing with its bettors. Players who have requested Neteller payouts for over $1,000 have found that they must supply banking details and accept a bank wire in order to receive payment.

4SportsPicks (SBR rating F) owner back accepting deposits and marketing under new name, Playing24Hours. 4SportsPicks bounced around Costa Rica creating new debt with both players and operating providers before the site closed to the general public, serving only credit players out of the SportsCallCenter F.A. facility. The sportsbook, which also uses the domain, has been calling bettors from their old client lists offering large bonuses. Playing24Hours has entered the SBR Rating Guide at F.

SBRforum Baseball Handicapping Contest



SBRforum's Baseball Contest in full swing; still time to enterPoster facasto has the lead with a 19-4 mark (+15.12 units), but coming up fast is Shooter who is off to a perfect 10-0 start, good enough for a 10.17 unit profit.  Hoping to make up some ground on the leaders are fixer (17-6, 9.35 units), oakas (12-3, 8.59 units) and BigDaddy (18-8, 8.37 units). New contestants have time to enter and compete for the monthly prize. See contest details in the

LuckyStreetCasino Sportsbook may be worse than bad luck

LuckyStreetCasino is the newest fly-by-night gaming site from Interactive Gaming Systems to enter the SBR Rating Guide at F. IGS is known for selling turnkey start-up licencese to small investors who hope to get rich overnight. When the book fails to make money and/or attract players, the disgruntled owner refuses to further fund his investment. IGS support will then tell the player that they only operate the site for an owner who refuses to pay. The company is better known to users by its customer service name, PlayerCenter.

WorldBet No-Pays Continue

One month after a rare resolution to a Worldbet (SBR rating F) withdrawal complaint, two users file new no-pay complaints. Despite no-pay history, SBR will again attempt to inquire on player's behalf.
Player: Dear SBR team, I am writing you about my problems with worldbet. I have an account on their website I have won some money(4500 EURO)and I have made a withdraw 12 Mar,2007 and since than I have no word from them I keep writing emails and sending faxes but nothing! I don't know what to do. I see that a lot of people have the same problem and this is making me worried. I hope that you can help me! If you have any information that I can use please contact me on this email. I grateful for any assistance.

PalaceBet SCAM

PalaceBet: Scam sportsbook ran by Scamdicappers and SportsCallCenter F.A.
The Con: Fake professional handicappers refer players to Palacebet. The player signs up at the site and sends his deposit to PalaceBet. His balance is instantly controlled by the pro handicappers, who are referred to by the book's customer service as "the player's Sports Advisors."  The bettor is then promised a line of credit so he can bet larger sums on the "advisors' syndicate picks." He is told he must cover a $4,000 transaction cost for a bank wire from the touts to his account (which never occurs since the book simply adjusts the available balance in the software) and is promised it will be reimbursed to him upon cashing out. If the player is lucky enough to survive the "syndicate picks" that are designed to eat away his bankroll, he is asked to deposit another $4,000 in transaction fees before he can have access to his funds including the money he deposited. A player who complained to SBR is told he must pay $4,000 to keep his account active after winning $20,000. PalaceBet is hosted and serviced by SportsCallCenter F.A. in Costa Rica and also services DreamWager (SBR rating D-). The operation briefly serviced 4Sportspicks (SBR rating F) (until January 2007) and previously hosted defunct BigDaveSports. website down

BetCRIS (SBR rating A+) experiencing technical difficulty. Bettors can access their accounts by logging in through or by calling 1-800-290-7951. is expected to be functioning normally tomorrow.

Restitution for Skytower Sportsbook victims?

SBR receives two no-pay complaints from SkyTower (SBR rating D) users, dating back to 2002. SkyTower and sister book GamblersPalace (SBR rating D) will be reevaluated after complaints are addressed. SBR invites players who have a payout complaint with the Ace Band Limited Group to submit their claim to SBR.

3Vig announces closure

3Vig (SBR rating F-) closed; customer support off-line
Visitors of see the message: has ceased operations. Owed players report no communication with the sportsbook. saga continues

New setback for (SBR rating D+) clients
Players were informed today that will not accept payout requests above $2500 until at least May 21st due to backlogs with their larger payment processor. With processing time currently taking in excess of three weeks, new $2500+ payout requests are expected to take over a month to reach users. is accepting multiple withdrawal requests in $2500 increments, which is handled by a processor dedicated to smaller individual transactions, but players can expect the backlog to soon carry over to this processor as well. SBR will contact Sportsbook management to inquire on the next course of action.

SpyCasino Alert

Spycasino (SBR rating F) unable to pay players since December of 2006 and is expected to go off-line this summer. The sportsbook and casino is currently still accepting new deposits.

No Game for IGotGaming users

IGotGaming Group, including IGotSports (SBR rating F) remains off-line
Players will apparently be robbed from IGot, which originally blamed server problems for not putting lines up during the last two weeks of April. The sportsbook parked it's poker and sportsbook domains but has left the marketing .net websites live. Phone calls and emails remain unanswered.

BetUs (SBR rating D) payout update complaints continue to accumulate. Players are frustrated by lack of communication and by slow-pay excuses. BetUs has told many bettors that their bank account details, which have been used successfully in the past, are incorrect. SBR has verified that multiple withdrawal requests have been fulfilled and has observed an average wait time of six weeks with some players waiting two months. SBRforum: BetUS withdrawal update

05.04.2007 (SBR rating D+) gives update on lost batch of payouts management states that the large batch of bank wires from March 21st was scheduled to be sent on April 4th, but was lost by processors and has just recently been recovered. is claiming the withdrawals were resent on April 24th. SBR estimates that, if the process was successful, players will see the funds in their bank accounts no earlier than May 8th, two weeks after the latest execution date. Management has also informed SBR that two processing companies are assigned payout requests based on withdrawal amounts. One is handling transactions for $2500 or less and the other is designated to sums above $2500. Some recent $2500-or-less payments have been confirmed by players in under a week. Payments above $2500 are currently facing a processing time of three weeks according to management and recent history suggests further delay is possible. Large balance holders requesting new withdrawals may benefit from doing so in multiple installments below $2500.

USASportsCasino (SBR rating D-) in no-pay mode.

USASportsCasino (SBR rating D-) in no-pay mode. Turnkey customer service center is advising players to contact the website owner by email. Email inquiries have not been returned. One USA Sports Casino player writes: I am now being asked by their live chat to lower the requests so I the last few months I have requested $250 at a time. I have now 6 pending withdrawals, 5 for $250 and 1 for $269 which they are not paying. I have sent well over 60 emails and not one has been replied to.I have received 1 payment of $250 since 3rd March 2007. Every time I ask live chat they say they can’t help and to contact which I have done at least 60 times already. fixes error

05.02.2007 (SBR rating D+) resolves baseball grading dispute; credits players. Bettors whose baseball wagers remain incorrectly graded are welcome to contact SBR. The error has likely occurred across the entire family of JEL ( Family) sportsbooks.

BookTheBet selling player info; still can't pay customer

BookTheBet (SBR rating F) victim owed $7,000. After repeated requests for a withdrawal over the course of nearly a year, the player agreed to wager his funds ten times before making another payout request. The player continued to win and remains unable to redeem his funds.

Player: "I have now been trying on year to get the rest of a withdraw from Bookthebet,"  "I december Tony send me an proposal of an new 10 times roll over, which I accpeted after some time. I have made the new 10 times roll over, but Tony will still would not make a withdraw even a small on. My question to you Bill, is there at all anything to do for me in this case, how can he have a license. If you look at below mail you can see that Tony acknowledge that he not had send me al the reuested whitdraw."

BookTheBet (sister site of PornSportbook (SBR rating F)) has recently been quoted on casino forums attempting to sell bettors' personal information.
Great List
Posted by: Anthony (
Date: March 23, 2007 04:29PM

HI! I have a list of 2.5 million current gamblers. 60% are non USA and 40% USA. We are a small sportsbook and do not have the resources to market to this list the proper way. The list includes names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, balances, average bets, account numbers, deposits, and other information. I paid well over what I am asking for it. I am just trying to recover a portion of the money I spent. I am asking $7,000.00. the the complete list. Please contact me at Thanks!  (source: TheBlueLizardLounge) baseball error

05.01.2007 (SBR rating D+) incorrectly grades wagers; refuses to rectify users who wagered on a total or runline on the April 10th baseball game between the Brewers and Marlins and had the bet graded as a "push" (no action), are asked to contact SBR. The group of books has incorrectly 'no-actioned' the 10th inning tie that was postponed to the next day and has refused to acknowledge its rule (below) when debating with would-be winners.

Rule: In Baseball, all games that go at least the full 9 innings and finish tied as a result of a suspension of play, shall be graded as a push on all money line bets. However, all run line and total bets will have action. Note that this is an extremely rare occurrence. In the event of a change in Las Vegas rules, Sportsbook will adhere to the decision set forth in Las Vegas.